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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Until Monday...

I'll be getting on the ferry again in a few hours.
I had a huge night on the piss at a friends 50th.
Here are two pictures from the day before the party.

Me and my very lovely friend Llael.
As per last time, I'm posting this because it's always nice to be seen with beautiful women.
Plus she also helps provide aethestic balance against my head, which resembles a sack of flour.
Also - go take a look at her oil paintings because they're terrific.

I include this picture solely for the benefit of my very special friend Beth S, who apart from having an entertaining blog (mostly about drinking too much and falling on her arse), is also witty, intelligent and very gorgeous indeed.
Beth noted not that long ago that I'm always taking pictures of nice places with no-one in them.
This is a bar outside one of my favorite Melbourne Cinemas, The Kino.
There's an accidental illusion here.
It kind of looks like there's a reflective pool but it's just the tabletop.
My beer cost $7 which I was not very happy about, considering it's imported through Boags Brewery which is about 5 minutes down the road from my house in Tasmania.


MikeS said...
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MikeS said...

Is is mere coincidence that your friend Llael grew up in Spotswood, Melbourne and Beth S' blog is bethSPOTSWOOD or is it just my imagination?


Elliot Cowan said...

It is coincidence, but one I've actually thought about many times.
I'm pleased you took the time to find out!
Cheers mate.
I'll be back in Tassie tomorrow.
I'm hoping to sleep the entire way this time.

MikeS said...

Hope you have a good rest....speaking of rest, I best be off myself.

Beth Spotswood said...

People! Finally.
I read that part about my drinking too much and falling on my ass and was like, yeah right. I then proceeded to drink to much and completely eat sidewalk. I mean it. It was like, the worst fall ever.

Elliot Cowan said...

Smook - I had such a good rest that I continued to sleep as I drove back from the ferry terminal.
I had to pull over and go for a snooze on the side of the highway.

Beth S - ha ha.

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