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Saturday, August 26, 2006

See You Soon

FYI - I brought my laptop and Wacom tablet with me to the United States, but I very cleverly left my Oz to US adaptor in the UK, which is why I'm not posting any new drawings.
I present a very exciting sight - I have never been here but am longing for the experience - I give you, "Pond Nets".
I'll be back on September 5th, hopefully I would have seen this exciting visage before my return.
Also - Happy Birthday Spaceman Mike.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Oscar has found his calling.
Signing work that isn't his own.
Incidentally, this illustration looks not unlike the handiwork of Stef Kardos, who was also drinking with us.

Matt Cruickshank has drawn a thoroughly unflattering (and highly accurate) picture of myself.

This is a joint Grillo/Cruikshank effort.
It is no reflection on the food which was perfectly fine.

Beer And Art

I was lucky enough to finally catch up with the few bloggers I had yet to meet, including the hugely talented John Quinn, on a working visit from the United States of America.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I made some art over the weekend.
You can tell it's art because I did it on canvas and fancy paper.
I also went to see the much maligned "Lady in the Water" and liked it very much.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm to drunk to finish this.
Here it is in the meantime.


Buy Buy Buy

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last night I saw Terry Gilliams amazing film "Tideland".
I have read nothing but poor reviews of this film and I have to say that those who don't care for it really have missed the point.
I've heard it also described as shocking and exhausting, and I didn't think it was either of those things either.
I'll add some more thoughts as they come to me, but my main point is that it was only released for a week here in London (which is strange to me) and that everyone in the rest of the world who has the chance to see it should support it.
It's a demanding film, but a very rewarding one.
My friend Carrie in particular should go see it.
The official movie site is here

Headline News

This is me in my first week in London.
I look exactly the same, just more so.

Boris has an eating disorder.

In London, you can talk to your food and sometimes it will talk back.

In advertising there are no new ideas.
British Airlines has borrowed their new campaign from the Nazi Party.

You heard it here for the first time.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Dumb Pun

Pull Pull Pull


There is a terrific Australian artists called Brett Whiteley.
He was a bit of a tragic figure because despite his cheeky persona he was unfortunately addicted to heroin, which was his ultimate undoing.
I was never really aware of his work when I was a kid, but I did see the image at the top somewhere and it stuck with me all my life.
He was often drawing these angry baboons (the monkey on his back)
I post them mostly because they are a distant influence on my own work and also that Oscar has posted a collection of angry monkeys recently.
The image below has nothing to do with monkeys but I included it anyway.

This drawing below has nothing to do with monkeys or Brett Whiteley but it was really fucking great to draw.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Eurovision - Instruments of Torture

I didn't win, but I got some good votes.
AND it's in colour...I guess.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Drawingboard Posts

Over at they have some nice character jams, where they post a comic character and everyone rattles off their version.
It's always nice to take part in even if I know literally nothing about comics and the characters within (which is possibly a useful thing).

Ooo La La

And speaking of ooh la la, if you take a peek here you will fine the results of two scrawlers after an afternoon spent in a gay pub.

Here is a joke that I thought of a few days ago.
What do you call a poof from the Middle East?
A hummusexual.

Lizard Prisoner

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Big Cheerio

Today I spent another jolly afternoon drinking and eating good food.
Once again I would like to thank the people who have been so generous with time and company and eating and drinking.
It makes being unemployed in a strange land much more pleasant.
Thanks to you all.

Clockwork Morons

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It is my pleasure to present the work of up and coming artist Oscar R. Grillo.
Oscar has come to this country from the mighty nation of Argentina.
He has many blogs, and if you make a start here, you will find the rest.


Monday, August 07, 2006



The large Arge, Oscar Grillo, has created some responses to the death of innocent children during the wars of men. Here and here.
I offer my own thoughts, done this morning.

And this, which I posted once before.
It's several years old but worth repeating I think.

Who Are These People???

The little sitemetre thingy at the bottom of my blog also provides me with info on who is logging on to the blog and all that kind of crap.
Who the hell is googling me out there?
Why are you looking for me?
What do you want?
Reveal thyself!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Good Day

Well I had a good day today and did a few touristy things.
I headed out to London Bridge and walked up the Thames to the Tate Modern.
Before I mention that I had a lovely time at the Tate, I'd like to write a brief letter to this amazing city.
Dear London,
You are very old and very exciting.
The centre of so many things in the world.
So please tell me why you have never heard of soap and scrubbing brushes?
Why is the walk along the Thames like a trip down a back alley?
Why is such a popular destination allowed to be so revolting (and why is there Starbucks and other shitty eateries allowed there too?...I'll whine about that another time...).
There were at least 5 homeless guys begging for money down there - here's a thing - pay them to clean up - they'd be busy and you'd have to pay them for long hours so they'd have plenty of cash to feed themselves and London wouldn't look so dreadful.
The Tate has plenty of great stuff up at the moment.
There's a Kandinsky exhibition there at the moment, but after I'd taken in Picasso, Miro, Monet and all their friends I didn't feel inclinded to pay to see Mr Kandy.
After I spent an hour or so examining these terrific images, it occured to me to do something lofty and bold to show my appreciation.
So I give you these highbrow moments.

Pollack has a shit.

Miro has a pick.

Picasso has a prick.

Most of you are probably familiar with a cartoon from the 50s (probably from The New Yorker) of a man at an exhibition of modern art.
The man is admiring the janitors cart, or a waste paper basket or something or other mundane thing in a room full of abstract sculpture.
I had a moment very much like that when I stood back to admire a rack of chairs.

On the way back I stopped in a park and had a lovely chat with some drunken old arsehole.
We talked congenially about so many things and when I said goodbye, he turned on me and with a major shift in mood said, "I hope I never see your fucking ugly face ever again".
I said "Same here".

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bravo Boris

The best looking animator in the world, Boris, appears in a television commercial today.
I ate meatballs with him at midnight last night.
Let's wish him luck.
The light will be good at any case.

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