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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Film Making

Making a film is like deciding to adopt an orphan from some war torn, strife ridden corner of the world. At first it seems like a great idea. There's a lot of energy and excitement of what's to come. Then after a while it starts waking you up screaming in the night, and freaking out in company.
Shitting all over your regular plans and costing you more than you expected.
Eventually you want to avoid it but you can't, because if you do it'll wither away and die and by now you feel some responsibility for it.
And people keep asking "How's the film? Is it doing well?".
So you stick with it, through the exhaustion and late nights and drama.
One day it grows up and it heads out on it's own and you've either grown to love it or you never want to see it again.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

40 Minutes

With the influx of Facebook and Blogger there's not been so much activity on here, but here's a thing.
The Boxhead & Roundhead feature has been plodding on.
I've been crawling, exhausted towards this point for months, but finally I've tipped the 40 minute mark. Only another 28 or so to go (and a whole bunch of fiddly face animation that I'm hoping to foister onto students over the summer).
For more updates and artwork visit the Boxhead and Roundhead Facebook Page.

Friday, April 12, 2013

More Advice For Students

A note to all my students. This business with the redundancies at Disney is sure to be playing on your minds. I have this bit of blunt advice for you. It isn't going to effect your career path. In the years I've been teaching I can think of maybe 4 students with the potential to be doing the kind of high end animation that Disney requires in their features. Further to this, they've barely been making anything drawn anyway.
This doesn't make the situation any less miserable or frustrating but do know that you are a devilishly talented bunch and although it's not an easy path, there every reason for many of you to one day add your own names to a long list of greats.
And please, learn some 3D.

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