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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Screenings

Catch The Thing In The Distance at Caught Short In Sydney, Australia on Feb 04, and just announced, Thing will be playing at Festival du film Merveilleux, Paris, France - March 24 - 27.

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Thing In The Distance Screening

For those interested, my film The Thing In The Distance will be playing at the New York Downtown Short Film Festival.
Friday Feb 5 @ 8pm

Upcoming screenings include:

Brothers In Arms
The San Francisco Independent Film Festival
San Francisco, USA
February 2010

Brothers In Arms
The Savannah International Animation Festival
Savannah, USA
February 2010

The Thing In The Distance
Future Film Festival
Bologna, Italy
January 2010

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Top 10....Top 5...2...

I was going to throw together a list of my 10 favorite films of the year, so I looked at a list of all the films released this year and couldn't find 10. So I made it my top 5. The I realised that of that 5 I really had only thought about two more than once since the screening, so I trimmed it down to 2 - "In The Loop" and "A Town Called Panic".

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