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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Home from the Big Island again...

Hey ho bloggers.
Here are a few final snaps from my latest venture back home.
Below is a picture from a very jolly party I attended.
Steve Pascoe is my old illustration lecturer and his wife turned 50 and as many of us had remained in close contact with him we were all invited.
It was lovely.
I discovered after 13 years of knowing him, he plays guitar and accordian beautifully.
People got up and did a piece for his wife, a song, a chunk of opera, his kids did a violin piece each.
It was lovely.
The fellow highlighted in the picture directly below is well known Australian animator Dennis Tupicof.
A very nice fellow who is also extremely tall (he's at least 7 feet tall).
Steve tells a story about when they were in uni together, a fly wandered onto the set of one of Dennis' stop motion shoots and ruined the shot.
In frustration Dennis punched a hole in the ceiling.

Bye bye Melbourne again.
It had been a lovely weekend and the weather because unpleasant just in time for me to get on the ferry.
Fortunately I was not unwell.
I drank 2 beers and had 2 sleeping tablets and snored my way across Bass Straight.
I was still tired when I got off the ferry and had to pull over for a snooze on the side of the road as I feel asleep twice at the wheel (only for a second each mind you but it was still a scare).

Here are a couple of signs I found on deck on the ferry.
If anyone has any explanation as to what the fuck they mean I'd be delighted to hear.
Electric life rings provided?
Does it suggest some kind of artificial intelligence? That perhaps this life ring can think for itself?

What the hell is this??? Apart from being a crappy design for something inexplicable.

Also, a fellow called Rex Ellison left a message for me on one of my posts but I can't for the life of me find where it is so I can respond to it.
Rex - if you're reading this contact me again!


MikeS said...

I am not sure what those signs stand for, but I do have a siggestion for the first one. Maybe in a sarcastic way, it is saying that in the event of the ferry sinking, it might be a GRAND IDEA to use one of the life rings.

I think the last one may imply that in the event of sinking, stampede.


As for the banner, check out Paige Pooler's blog and look for a post that was called Got Blog Banner? She posted how she went about posting a banner. Hope that helps. Thanks again for your comments pertaining to my banner. Most appreciated.

Elliot Cowan said...

Heya Smook.
I think I worked out the banner business.

I feel the second sign means - in case of an emergency, pretend you are part of someone elses family.

MikeS said...

Looks great to me! Those signs (by the way) are just hilarious!

Elliot Cowan said...

Thanks pal.
Re the signs - the ferry between Tassie and the mainland is a 9 hour trip, and holds hundreds of people, cars and piles of cargo.
I would have thought the boffins at design central may have come up with something a little clearer.

MikeS said...

It's clearly meant to be an unclear graphic.

Elliot Cowan said...

"In case of emergency do exactly what this sign says"

MikeS said...

Maybe the whole point of that last sign is to have everyone group in front of the sign to debate its intent as the ferry sinks. Ah, who knows...have a great day, Elliot.

MikeS said...

Elliot, your comment on my blog WAS in jest, yes?

Steve Daye said...

I thought the first one was a crop circle.

Elliot Cowan said...

Maybe they are!
Thanks for stopping by Steve.
Good luck with the big move!

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