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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drawings - EDIT

EDIT - Only just this moment I realised that 5 days ago was one year since I left Australia.

I just had a charming conversation with the company repairing my laptop.
It involved the words "fucking" and "arseholes", indespersed evenly around this sentence "If it's that much then you are a bunch of villians".

I'm moving out of my place into my cousins and found these drawings I did months ago and forgot about.
I don't have access to a scanner or drawing software at the moment so I had to photograph them and can't tart them up.
This first picture is Rebekkit being unwell.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

L'Idiots Apology

For the first 4 months I lived in London, I lived on my cousins couch in a suburb called Archway.
Archway is a filthy dump but is very convenient for the trains and the buses and there are some good places to eat nearby.
When I finally moved into my own place, I moved about 20 minutes over the hill - not far away - to the Kentish Town end of Highgate Road.
Here I've been for about 6 or 7 months and in a fortnight, I'll be moving back to my cousins place (my flat has been sold).
From where I live I walk out to the main road, turn left and head to the station or into the studio in Camden, or go catch a bus.
So with a fornight left to go here, one afternoon I decided to not turn left, but turn right.
And here is where my apology comes in.
As anyone who knows me is aware, I've not been very kind about London.
Despite that, London has been very kind to me.
It's paid me well and has many good friends.
So as I turned right up Highgate Road, I found a little row of nice cafes.
And one of them made great coffee.
And there were lots of lovely big trees about.
With the pleasant weather we've been having, it felt a little like a corner of St Kilda or Elwood back home.
Then I noted that Hampstead Heath was just over there.
I'd always know it was quite close, but I didn't realise it was literally within 2 minutes of my front door.
So I went for wander through a small portion of the 3.2 square kilometres that make up the Heath.
And what a delight!
It had been raining earlier and everything smelled of soil and earth.
There are large fields and lots of woods.
I felt very much like I was wandering through The Wind In The Willows at times.
Sorry London.
You're ok.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I did the compositing on this.
All the nice bits were done by two Italian girls with sharp teeth and wings.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Boxhead and Roundhead on the Big Screen

For those primates attending Annecy this year, my film "The Infernal Machine" will be screening at the following times as part of the very exciting sounding Short Films in Panorama #3 program:
Thursday June 14 at 6pm
Saturday June 16 at 6pm (this is one of the last sessions on the last night of the festival so I am sure people will be desperate to watch more animation after a week of sitting in small cinemas on sunny days! Book now and don't miss out!).


My laptop is ill and is being collected for repairs tomorrow.
Hopefully I can dash off some drawings to post over the next few days before they take it.
I'm also busy with a new Boxhead and Roundhead that I initially had intended to call "The Power Of Flight", but may have changed my mind.
Anyway - Cartoon Brew were nice enough to put a link to one of my bitching and moaning posts - the one where I was whining about Cartoon Network.
Thanks for that!
The link sent a huge number of people to my blog, every single one of which was sensible enough not to bother to question my idiotic opinions.

Friday, May 18, 2007


This Chinaman has been spotted staggering around Ealing Common tonight.
He is very drunk.
Under no circumstances should he be approached as will almost certainly attack, or at the very least swear a lot and insult your mother.
If you see him, notify London Zoo immediately.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have been very neglectful of my blog recently, yet people have been kind enough to return to visit.
So then!
What have I been up to?
The usual collection of skiving and work.
A very big special "Hooray, Huzzah!" to the delightful Stef Kardos and his brand new bride, the even more delightful Tina.
I spent some time with them on their wedding day ingesting vast quantities of Fuller's Honeydew Ale.
I met the delightfully incoherent Kardos Snr, who considered me to have the sharpest intellectual mind he had ever encountered.
On his way out he declared, in a mighty commanding voice, "ELLIOT! L' IDIOT!".
I believe this translates into "Elliot! I admire your generously sized antipodean brain! I salute you!".
Now then - there was another lasting memory of the evening for me.
Although I don't believe that the mirthful performance of Mr O. A. Grillo was captured on any video tape, the experience was preserved for all time by animation director Charles. M. Jones.
About 2 minutes into the cartoon below you will see a highly accurate portray of Oz by Porky Pig.
So accurate in fact that I found I was laughing about the memory of Oscar in fits of laughter rather than the cartoon itself.

I'll be back with more drawings and even another Boxhead and Roundhead soon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lunch Box

Here is something in colour.
I know you don't see it often!
This time it worked out nicely.

Watch the new Boxhead & Roundhead adventure.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


As an antidote to the neverending racket I was whining about yesterday, I thought I'd create a link to these great cartoons - Gruesomestein's Monsters.
It's a great example of how to make a commercial, low budget, funny show.
Entertaining drawings, nice short formats and without endless chattering dialogue and noise.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cartoon Network

Last night I discovered that I had Cartoon Network on my digital signal.
I watched it for the first time.
This picture is a documentation of my experience.
What a fucking cacophony!
An assault on the ears in particular!
You know those Foghorn Leghorn cartoons where the rooster beats the dog with a fence paling?
It felt like that.

Also - Oscar updated the picture of my dog, Ella.
I flipped it around.

Don't forget to watch the new Boxhead and Roundhead Adventure!


There is a VERY vague chance that Boxhead and Roundhead may appear in colour one day...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dawg

The dog is well looked after.

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