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Thursday, November 24, 2005

15 Men on a Dead Mans Chest

From Tasmania to mainland Australia it's a breezy 40 odd minutes in a plane.
To take the ferry is 9 hours.
Why would one ever take the ferry you may ask?
Well - it means you can take the car, and it means you can spend 5 of those hours drinking (4 to sober up so you can drive off the ferry safely).
I took the ferry last night.
Here is is.
There are 3 of them - SPOT 1,2 & 3.
Spirit Of Tasmania what that stands for.

The terminal is about an hour from my home, in a dump of a town called Devonport.
I visit Devonport only for work, and they also have a better cinema than Launceston.
This part of Devonport looks like the New Jersey shoreline and the rest isn't much better.

Behold this spot.

Now I guess some of you European types may well be accustomed to taking boat rides of this kind.

What with our nation being mostly uninhabitable desert, there's not much in the way of ferrying going on.
This is the first one I've ever had and it was quite exciting.

Important employees looking busy.

No - it's not a cinema! It's where I tried to sleep unsuccessfully for 9 hours.
I did discover that against all expectations I didn't get sea sick.

Victorian coastline about 5 in the morning.

And my home city of Melbourne from sea.
I spent the day at the cinema.
Brothers Grimm, directed by my favorite film maker provided as much dissapointment as I was expecting.
Corpse Bride was terrific - I know a few of the bloggers I visit regularly contributed to the film so here's a big "hey ho, good work and all" to all of those very fine folks.


Uli Meyer said...

Was there noone else on that ferry but you? Have not seen Brothers Grimm yet but I hear it's pretty disappointing. Corpse Bride is beautiful to look at, even though I did expect a bit more storywise. Nevertheless, beautiful animation.

Elliot Cowan said...

Uli - I have a very dear blogging friend who tells me that I'm photographing beautiful places when there's no-one there.
Not that the ferry was a beautiful place.
There were in fact 400 people on the ferry that night.
Most of which were extraordinarily sexy European backpacker types who weren't interested in spending 9 hours hanging around a tit like me.
Brothers Grimm is unfortunately every thing I was hoping it wouldn't be.
It has an extremely lovely titles sequence, and a hilarious (and very Terry Gilliamy) moment involving throwing a cute little kitten into a giant blender.
Corpse Bride - indeed animated beautifully.
The bride herself moved occasionally as if she'd been hand drawn.
I'd perhaps question the need for the few songs.
Voice cast was very good too.
I like Paul Whitehouse very much - the Fast Show - that was him yes?

Little Rock said...

Congrats on not getting sea sick :)

Oscar Grillo said...

Elliot...Was John Skibinsky roaming in the Melbourne mean streets?

Elliot Cowan said...

No Oscar - but legendary Australian animator Dennis Tupikof was at the party I went to.
He's legendary for two reasons, but I'd prefer to wait until I post a picture before I explain why.

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