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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Defeated by technology, I'm manually adding German subtitles to the B&R feature.
Rundkopf and Kistenkopf does have a nice ring to it...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Song of the Sea, UK/Ireland release

Dear friends and folks and family in the UK.
I know your kids are all very excited about the Minions movie.
And I know why. It's really very funny. Surprisingly so. It's a good film, sure.
But Song of the Sea has been released in the UK and Ireland.
It's a much smaller film than Minions but it's kind of better in so many ways.
Especially for you Irish folks. It's a film about your chunk of the world. It's a film about you. YOU! Some guy, one of your own, made a film about you. It's a film your kids should see. And when they've grown up, it's the kind of film they'll play for their own kids.
But it's important you go see it very soon. Today. Tomorrow. This week.
Minions will be around for a VERY long time, believe me. You won't miss them. But if you don't take the opportunity to see Song then it'll flutter away and you won't get films about you anymore.
You'll be stuck with shitty leprechaun films and Americans with bad accents.
Song it out now in Ireland and the UK.
Take your kids and your grannies. Your grannies will love it.
Mums and daddys too. The whole family, in fact (see where I'm going here).

Tickets here.

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