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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Re-repeating, eating, ting, ng, g

There was a very silly sitcom called Father Ted.
It was extremely funny and ended, I assume, only because the fellow who played Father Ted died.
I was looking the show up on the IMBD and found a snippet of dialogue from the show.
As I've been rattling on about doomed creatures and monsters and whatnot, I thought it appropriate that I include this description of a beastie from the show.
The comment was made by the character Father Dougal, who is remarkable and endlessly stupid.
"They say it's as big as four cats, and it's got a retractable leg so as it can leap up at you better and you know what Ted, it lights up at night, and it's got four ears. Two of them are for listening and the other two are kind of back-up ears, and it's claws are as big as cups and for some reason it's got a tremendous fear of stamps and Mrs. Doyle was tellin' me that it's got magnets on it's tail so as if you're made out of metal it can attach itself to you, and instead of a mouth it's got four arses. " Posted by Hello


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

LOL I remember that show, but I must have missed that episode.


Anonymous said...

well i wish i could say that i remember that show but i dont...oh what i ment by a girl like me is a girl that doesnt deserve what i have for the mistakes i have made.

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