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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Repeating, repeating, repeating

I often find that I am recycling the same images, slightly repackaged.
I often draw characters about to be done away with.
Usually small characters about to be menaced by larger ones.
I don't usually question what I draw or why, but this is a recurring theme in my work.
I have to admit I find the mix of realisation and horror these characters have on their faces is something that greatly amuses me.
Another thing I like to draw very much but has never made an appearance on my blob is machines and factorys.
The factory will almost always be on a hill and almost always be belching smoke and fumes.
I'm having a little trouble drawing at the moment because the stylus on my Wacom Tablet is sticking.
I made some enquiries yesterday into getting a new one and I've discovered that will cost me $126 (AU).
$126 for a pen.
Can you fucking imagine?
After a little bit of violence and an almost fatal exploration of the inner workings of the pen I seem to have fixed the problem for now.
It's nearly tax time so perhaps I could afford a whole new Wacom.
Also frustrating is the fact that the CD player on this PC has died.
I have music on almost all the time and it's bloody frustrating not to have it.
I have an external burner which will play them, but it will play them accompanied by the rattling whine that comes with a dodgy fan.
Fear the's coming to get us.Posted by Hello

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Erin Q said...

What kind of music do you like?

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