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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Jolly Public Holiday

I didn't post an images yesterday.
I was feeling well enough to leave the usual smart arsed replies on everyone else's blog but didn't feel well enough to draw anything new.
I went home for a snooze at lunchtime and feel remarkably better.
So I've come in on one of the nations many public holidays to post something new.
Today is Australia Day, and I've posted something appropriate.
Now then.
Australia is not a perfect place to live, but on a comparative global scale, it's pretty damn close.
We don't really start wars.
We don't invade our neighbours.
Our political leaders have never been evil or dastardly as such - just loud mouthed or stupid (and in the case of our current leader - dull).
The climate is wonderful.
We have a diverse and colourful mulitcultural society.
The people here are friendly, and although sometimes we appear to be loud mouthed and ugly, generally we are a tolerant and welcoming nation.
These are the sorts of things we celebrate on Australia Day.
The one thing we usually avoid is the mass genocide and continue obliteration of the native culture and people of this land.
This is an oft told story in so many nations in the world.
There is nothing new I can add here, but seeing as this is an blog of images, visited by artists and image makers I will mention one fact:
Did you know that the Australian Aboriginal culture is responsible for the oldest man made images ever?
My facts here are not spot on - I'm trying to recall the chapter in a book I read.
It had always been assumed that traditional Aboriginal rock paintings were pretty damned old.
18 or 19 million years was the suspected age.
Then they found some that dated back 30 million.
Then others were discovered dating back a possible 80 million years!
Now then - I'll check this book as soon as I can get back into my house and revise the figures accordingly, but I'm fairly sure these dates are about right.
I'm sure everyone who visits this blog know of the Disney purchase of Pixar animation studios.
A lot of positive comments, a lot of negative.
Anyone involved in the animation industry has something to say - it's a controversial subject to be sure.
Disney has been making images for how long - I don't know exactly - perhaps 80 or 90 years.
Pixars 20 or 30.
What a tiny, tiny moment in history and what a big, big fuss when compared to the ancient art and abused culture of an entire race of human beings.
I'm not a political fellow, but I like to think that like all image makers, I am capable of having a strong sense of social justice.
Whoever has managed to slog through this lot deserves a prize...


Girl said...

What little beasties ar behind the flag?

I slogged. I want a prize.

Girl said...


Elliot Cowan said...

The beasties would be the native Australian people, hidden away by the flag and festivities on Australia Day.
They probably wouldn't be that keen to be referred to as beasties though...

Girl said...

Um,no probably not oops, but the toes are not very toe like so I assumed (never assume because....)thye were something else altogether.

RedDiabla said...

Watch it on being loud mouthed and ugly. That's purely USA territory, and we expect to stay the loudest and ugliest capitalist bastards around.

So says Dubya.

What's the prize we get for slogging?

Elliot Cowan said...

Red - you say "Watch it on being loud mouthed and ugly. That's purely USA territory, and we expect to stay the loudest and ugliest capitalist bastards around".
I'm not arguing there.

The prize you get for slogging with be some kind of hand-job from your choice of media celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Uh, change "millions" to "thousands of years" and you're pretty much correct. I slogged to the end, and am a better artist for it! What better prize than that?

Boris Hiestand said...

I agree wityez. AND I slogged through as well, and I would like Brian Dennehy to give me the handjob. Please send him to Munich worthwith!

Anonymous said...

God Bless America!

Elliot Cowan said...

Dave - Millions..thousands...same thing really...cough...

Boris - Brian is on standby to caress your vast Dutch member.

Gladiator - god bless it indeed.

Oscar Grillo said...

Long Live the Dingo!!!

Unknown said...

great interesting post again, what's my prize this time?

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