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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Monkey shirt

This is my newest t-shirt design.
It will be printed on yellow. Posted by Hello


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Hey I'm wearing a T-shirt right now with a Gorilla on it, not as freaky as your pic. I may have to one of those.

I'll be forever explaining Baboon Love though. Guess they need love too.


Elliot Cowan said...

All monkeys need love NF.

Anonymous said...

He looks like someone's just stuck a suposatory up its bum.

Sorry. But he does.

I like it (lol). This image I mean, not the suposatory.

Angel! said...

Hip hip hurrah!! One of my fav t-shirts had a baboon on it but a scared cat I was holding in my arms shredded it (and my skin, grrr) into pieces.

I love your work!

LeeLoreya said...


"eek eeek eek"

the nurse:"tough love, mate"

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Doc prescribed me suppositories [sic] but they were bloody hard to swallow and for all the good they did me I might have well stuck them up my butt.

Badda Da boom


Anonymous said...

(lmao) Leeloreya.

""eek eeek eek"

the nurse:"tough love, mate""

I can just see the nurse raise one hand as she adjusts her glove.

Poor monkey. (lol)

Oh my god. This reminds me of Dr. Moreau's Island. Have you seen that movie?

LeeLoreya said...

the one with mr brando and val kilmer or who else ? wasn't that atrociously weak?

also, imagine it's one of those pin-up tex avery-ish nurses, you know, overinflated.

uh yeah, doesn't fit, this is a monkey, not a jaw dropper wolf.

Anonymous said...

True. True.

Marlon Brando
Val Kilmer
David Thewlis
Fairuza Balk

I was 12 years old when I saw it. Traumatizing at the time.

Are you talking about Porn-like nurses?

LeeLoreya said...

there's a difference between pinup and porn. pin upping (?) is an art form, it's alll about teasing.

fairuza balk...dark and beautiful, like that shane character on the L word

LeeLoreya said...

she's canadian right?

oh that reminds me of this awful song by a singer called bif naked where she lists everyone who is canadian: neil young, linda evangelista, leslie nielsen, mike myers and on and on....

Anonymous said...

Yeh. Balk is beautiful, I'm not sure though if she's Canadian (to be honest) I don't know.

She does look like Bif Naked though doesn't she?

My sister used to love Biff Naked's music. But I know what you're talking about.

My bad- I didn't read pin-up, I just saw "nurse"... Oops :P

LeeLoreya said...

thing is bif naked is fun (kute) but she things through her nose (a pierced one no?)

..;and she gets on your nerves very very fast
"i'm afraid of britney spears .."
knocking your head against the wall is more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Yeh. It took me a while to get used to Bif Naked.

She's not singing anymore though is she?

B.Spears has proven herself an idiot for marry K.Federline.

No hang on, that was a bit cruel. If they're "in love" then good for them. Truly. But come on.

She's only 23 and she's going down isn't she?

LeeLoreya said...

did you see he pics on the Fugly website in the spears section? They're horrifying, it's like she's turned into those grumpy overweight gossiping lethargic suburban smoking middle aged women. Her hair looks like a mop. And she's having late acneic outburts on her face.

True true.
They're in love.
That explains eeeeverything.

Anonymous said...

Yeh I did. It's all rather disgusting really. She's blaming pregnancy.

I feel sorry for the kid, to be honest. I mean if you think about it, she's SUCH a hypocrit.

Yes. Love explains everything. Solves poverty. Abolishes politics and makes everything grow flowers.
Pink ones.

LeeLoreya said...

a hypocrit because of the virginity thing?
or because she just wants another accessory. Like paris hilton has dogs, brit spears has babies?

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

She claims verginity
She wants a puppy
She loves attention
She knows nothing of politics
She wants her own reality show
She gives her hubby allowance then denies it. (Tell me, what does he do ???

Shall I go on? lol

LeeLoreya said...

lol yeah what does mr federline do except smile and be mr spears?

you know what I hate most? That every fucken pop or super star just must have a little sister.
It's hell really, like bad sequels, just when you thing they're gone, it's like, hey wait a sec, heeeere comes the clone!!

Anonymous said...


That's so true! lol.

And as always, the sequel is worse than the original.

I mean take Ashlee Simpson, for example. Have you HEARD the girl sing? A dying cat sounds better.

LeeLoreya said...

terrible terrible,

thank god for the fugly girls and other mockers to make us feel a little better and hold us back from going to mann's chinese theater or chateau marmont or other hip LA place dressed in black to murder all the little blondie kitties, olsens, hiltons, spears', simpsons. tararatatarataratatarattata (you know, the machine gun sound?)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be lovely??


The end of bimbo's everywhere!!!

I never understood the girls in my high school. They were clones of one another. And they always carried around tooo many bags. One for gym, one for their books, one for their purse, one for their mobile phones, one for their brains (a tiny one, not too big)

I can go on...

Anonymous said...

Do you think Elliot will get a shock when he sees he's got 23 comments which are really back and forth conversations between non other than two sexeh ladies???

LeeLoreya said...

yeah more like two groaning embittered old women smoking on the porch, watching the tanned bimbos.


I think he'll read'em with his morning coffee and sleepy eyes and double check that this is his sandwich bag.

LeeLoreya said...

so the way shallow posh girl cliques are portrayed in movies in rather accurate actually...

Anonymous said...

Too accurate.

I don't like what Hollywood is doing. I'm so glad we've got half a brain to think otherwise.

Yeh, Elliot's going to flip. He'll probably still think he's dreaming. No hang on his dreaming was about the monkey and the nurse. My bad.

(Be right back, I need to use the loo) Sorry people, but it's the truff!

LeeLoreya said...

thanks for the details dear...

"I'm so glad we've got half a brain to think otherwise."

hehe I like it when people do some propaganda for my blog heheh.

[Be right back I need to help Sar fix the loo,... shit call the plumber!!!]

nuthin but tha truff!

LeeLoreya said...

oh i almost forgot! sar's loo is possessed! it speaks! call a loo exorcist!

Anonymous said...


" thanks for the details dear..."

Anytime (lol)

Excorcist is right! Plumber will just be eaten. No use of him.

Have you seen the excorcist? I've never seen that movie. I don't know if I want to.

LeeLoreya said...

(pale face in hands)
oh my gawd....she came back alive and unbruised.
prayyyse the lord!

well I've seen the beginning, boring, then the masturbation scene, impressive but...boring. I just love the stories around the film, like the casting of little Linda Blair, she was such a mischievous (euphemism) little girl!

Anonymous said...

The lord has been prayyyssedd!! Halleluja! (I'm never sure of how to spell that word).

Yeh. I've only seen parts; where she pees on the floor and when she twists her head full circle. Then I couldn't take much more. I stopped watching.

LeeLoreya said...

I remember watching psycho and when you see the mother's skeleton in the rocking chair, my father told me how he remember that people fainted in the cinema when they saw that scene and had to be carries off to the hospital. I think that scared me more than the scene itself.
I love this scandalous movies, bad or good, they're a surprise "event", like easy rider when it came out it was a phenomenon in a matter of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Talk about trauma.

Good thing is, I know all these movies are made up so I have a hard time "believing" them.

Well, except for the ecorcist which is said to have been a true story.

Which reminds me, when I used to work in retail, there was this girl there from the same country I was from but from a different city and she told me a story similar to that of the excorcist, one that lead her great, great grandmother attend a certain funeral.

Not pretty. I couldn't sleep for a month.

LeeLoreya said...

I watched full metal jacket when I was eight. My father had to stop the tape.

on another level, I used to go to the movies on saturday nights when I was younger and I used to get totally paralysed and depressed on sundays because I was so touched by the movies the actors. Two major cases are saving private ryan and contact, that robert zemeckis film with jodie foster. I don't know why those were it, but I walked around the house all sad and slow like someone who just ended a love story.

Anonymous said...

Yeh I know what you mean.

I think it's like reading a really good book. I hate when it ends. I go into semi-depression.

LeeLoreya said...

depends on the book. Sometimes I just feel elated and light and walk around smiling when I finish a book and go and buy others by the same author. But I never reread books, I dunno, it spoils the first experience of discovery. I rewatch films because I speak along with the actors and it's fun.

Anonymous said...

"But I never reread books, I dunno, it spoils the first experience of discovery. I rewatch films because I speak along with the actors and it's fun."

I can't agree more. So true.
Actually, my favourite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

I've memorised the bloody thing. I love it! :)

LeeLoreya said...

oh you're like bridget jones then lol!
colin thing also. In fact, watching love actually is a rather pleasant experience when you're depressed. Liam, Colin, Hugh, Keira, and all the others are oh so pretty. even in winter!

don't get me wrong, it's a rather terrible movie, very stuffing. (?)

Miss Austen is nice (never use that word in literary criticism right), but her style of writing can be rather soporific (do you say that? please?)

Anonymous said...

Yup, Wonderful cast.
The movie itself was one of those, Ill-see-it-once-.-It's-such-a-light-story type movie.

YOu're right, good if you're depressed.

Miss Austen is very nice (I'll remember never to use that word in literary criticism... Well no I won't. If they've a problem with it then they can let me know and I'll "deal" with them, right.)

soporific. I've always preferred the term lethargic. But I've grown used to her style; actually... uh-oh... I quite like it! :P

LeeLoreya said...

I read her when I feel elegant, you know, out of the shower, clean nails, clean hair and all. It would feel insulting or "desacrating" to read her in daily polluted clothes.
Cuppa tea per'aps?

Anonymous said...

Why thank you, yes.

I love her work. It's different. Seems more intelligent than most things I read now a days; as unfair as that sounds. It just "Feels" that way. You know?

LeeLoreya said...

i like the violent razorbladish style of some contemporary writers but there is a guilty comfort in the classical workd, tis true.

Anonymous said...

Yeh. It's like beloved grandmother. You know you can always count on her for something.

LeeLoreya said...

yeah...secret recipes, old fashioned ways to kill time fix the loo.

Anonymous said...

Nah not the loo. They'd break their backs doing that.

Kill time though, I can see that.

Ohmygod, can you imagine a grandmother in her comfy chair witrh a bazooka pointed at the clock?

"Let's kill some time together, eh pumpkin? Have a cookie, theres a good girl."

LeeLoreya said...


and the little kid just sitting there with his mouth open, drooling on the carpet, and the grandma moaning to herself.
"usually time knocks by at this hour, see there he is, out of the window, in front of miss stein's house, coming this way, come and get me you miserable (bip bip bip)"

Anonymous said...

LOL...She hikes up her skirt and stands akimbo before finally pressing a red button with the words "Press Me" sending bolts of fire flying towards Miss Stein's house. Smoking it into smitherenes.

Mwahahahaha.... Leave it to the professionals dahlingk.

LeeLoreya said...

i see the AbFab side effects


LeeLoreya said...

shall we be Kind Holy Souls and leave poor Elliott's blog to rest in peace and move back entirely to mine?
it's like left foot is in this room and right foot in the end of the corridor.

LeeLoreya said...

I mean it's like we're some professional pair specialized in blog harassing.

Anonymous said...

But of course, sweetie.

Yeh that just about sounds like a fair plan. We'll harass him again later. After he's recovered from shock. And hot spilt coffee...

See you at your blog then ;)

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