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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Misery's The River of the World

There is a certain type of gritty, dramatic film that I never deal with very well.
The films of Ken Loach and certain drug movies I often find unbearable to watch.
The story arc starts near the bottom, and moves progressively downwards.
I tend to avoid seeing them at the cinema, and have found that I usually have to do the DVD in a a couple of sittings.
Nil By Mouth, Requeim For A Dream (the more depressing film I can think of), Ladybird Ladybird are all examples of these types of films.
In these films there is usually a moment where in all the awfulness there seems to be one ray of light.
This ray of light is inevitably squashed and killed.
The reason I mention these films is because last night I watched a nice family chucklefest from New Zealand called Once Were Warriors.
It's a movie I've been avoiding for year and it was every bit as depressing as I thought it would be.
I recommend it highly but perhaps you'll only need to watch it once.
Drunkeness, wife bashing, suicide: it's all there.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I hate movies like that, and yet I end up seeing a few nonetheless. Sort of like covering your eyes but all the while watching through slightly parted fingers.

I saw Requeim For A Dream and slipped into somewhat of a depression for a week. I can't stomach such movies very well. And even then, I need a heavy dose of happiness and laughter to lift me up.

Elliot Cowan said...

Requeim for a dream is a miserable affair.
I read a review of it that suggested that to see it twice was a little masochistic.

Tweedledopey said...

I walked out of requiem. Wasn't a huge fan.

Saw Crash last weekend. Now that was a quality, albeit depressingly dark, movie about how interconnected our lives are, and how bad things do not discern between good and bad people.

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