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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


In the film (and I assume the book) Fight Club, Edward Norton describes the symptoms of insomia as feeling like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.
A terrific description.
Although I don't really suffer from insomnia I know the feeling.
I hate those days where even though you've had a great nights sleep and been eating plenty of vegies and fruit, you still wake up exhausted.
You eat your lunch and SPLAT - you're knackered and need a sleep, like some sort of 3 year old.
Acting like a 3 year old isn't really a big problem for me (I do work in advertising after all) but for some reason there are those who think popping home at 2 in the afternoon for a sleep is a little wrong.
Some people have no compassion.
I've not yet done this with my current job (and don't intend to) but my last role was so busy and exhausting that towards the end of my run there I would often bugger off home for a sleep.
And there's something really nice about having a sleep in the middle of the day.
It's really the only opportunity I have for sleeping in the sun (but not my head - I hate leaving my head in the sun. My hair is very black and I heat up awfully).
Turning up slightly bleary back at the office smelling like toothpaste and fresh deoderant.
People say "Oh, where have you been?" and you tell them you've been visiting clients or popped off for a shag or whatever.
There was an episode of Seinfeld where George build a small bunk under his desk in the office.
I thought there was a great deal of merit in that.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

You're not by any chance pregnant are you? Or maybe your pregnant friend's hormones are spilling over to you and you're suffering in sympathy with her?

Elliot Cowan said...

I'm not actually pregnant, no.
However, she and I are pretty close so perhaps it is a sympathy issue.
She has had a bit of pain and has gone for an ultrasound today so I'm a little concerned.
No hugely.
But a bit.

Anonymous said...

i think everyone goes through those problems...but i do think Chuck Palahniuk did dicribe insomia very well...hes an awesome writer and an awesome guy. Its weird to think that i knew him and then didnt know him. My friend justin is good friends with chuck and introduced us around the same time fight club came out but i never made the connection until i saw the book in a store...wierd...oh and i updated a picture of me on my blog if you want to see a smile out of me

Elliot Cowan said...

I have already visited.
You've done very well.

Kalinda said...

Sleep is highly under rated. There is some saying which I can barely recall about sleep being the "salve" to a weary man's day. I always find that no matter how upset I am, I can feel the pain start to lift off me as I slowly drift to sleep.

Elliot Cowan said...

Sleep or vodka, yes indeed.

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