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Monday, May 02, 2005

Me and the mutt

Anyone single with a dog will know the difference the animal will bring to your life.
Instead of being pathetic with no-one, you can be pathetic with another living creature.
You can take your sad, hollow existence and plug it up with a canine (and I don't care what anyone says, a dog is much better than a stinky cat).
I have had cats.
Kate and Dustin.
Dustin was run over at a young age, and I have no idea what became of Kate after the partner I shared him with and I broke up.
He was a pretty hopless kitty.
Couldn't climb.
Was scared of everything except me, who fed him.
And he was stupid.
Give me my manic, crazy woofhound any day. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I love your cartoons with each post :) What do you use to draw them?

Elliot Cowan said...

Heya Ann.
Most of them are done in a piece of software called Painter, which replicates various media in a realistic fashion.
My "real world" work is almost all pen and ink on hot press Fabriano watercolour paper but it's a little hard to photograph so I've not included much on this blog.
If you go back through the archives you'll see some.
Also - I've tried to post on your blog many times but it simply wont let me.

Abuliac said...

I love how animals seems to have human facial expressions sometimes. There have been times I was sure a dog was smiling at me... and times when my cat looked so sly she could have been cast as a catburglar. I think it's mostly in the eyes...

Elliot Cowan said...

I think it is all in the eyes.
The reason most cartoon characters have such big eyes is because animators get the most expression out of them.

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting..I've messed up my coding and I can't fix it because I know nothing about html...sorry! My e-mail addy is

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