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Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't Be Howlin'

I don't know how many folks out there have dogs.
My friends mostly all have dogs and we all enjoy walking them.
When you walk your hound through the streets (unless you have a very well behaved dog) you need to keep it on a lead, otherwise they can be all over the show - mine is anyway.
But it's such a joy to head to one of the reserves where they can be let off the lead and they can run around and be dogs and go silly.
It also gives them the opportunity to roll in rancid things and eat rotting corpses and be disgusting.
Thank goodness they are so loving otherwise you'd fumigate them and put them in ziplock bags.
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Kristen McCabe said...

Elliot your dog is so cute! I remember you posted a pic of Ella a while back

Elliot Cowan said...

Ella is the cutest teeny hound in the world.

Erin Q said...

haha So true.

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