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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Citizens of Earth, Your Attention Please

In the last 12 months they have introduced a system whereby you can send an sms to someones landline and it will be read out to them by a pleasant computerised ladies voice.
I spent some time yesterday texting messages of doom, from a robot in the future called Megalor who was destined to destroy mankind and take over the Earth.
It was very amusing for me to hear this read by a courteous young woman.
The rest of my weekend was very pleasant.
I didn't do any walking but I did do housework (much needed) and I had a pal over for dinner on Sunday.
We had been to an Italian restaurant on Friday night and she had ordered the lasagne which was not that great so I felt the need to rectify this (I mean really, how hard is it to make decent lasagne - not very hard at all).
That was all very jolly and we watched Big Brother and I was delighted to see Gianna get the flick.
Gianna the lying, self important, spoilt little brat.
Ha ha I say.
Friday night we went as saw a production of My Fair Lady (after the crap lasagne) and it was pretty good.
I had a bit of trouble with the girl playing the lead, as I known her and don't care for her a great deal so it was hard to really go for her.
She sang extremely well but the rest of the time I thought she was awful.
She was up against some pretty strong acting from others in the play however which would have been difficult.
Welcome to this week - I hope you enjoy it.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

" (I mean really, how hard is it to make decent lasagne - not very hard at all)."

Yeahs, yeahs... rub it in why don't you?!
Some of us, unfortunately, are not gifted at birth, with the art of cooking.

One day, I'll cook you under the table my friend! (insert confident evil laugh here) *smiles sweetly*

Hope you've a wonderful week, Elliot. :)

Erin Q said...

Ahh I couldn't see anyone besides Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle...I'm very biased; Audrey is as good as it gets you know.

Elliot Cowan said...

Ann - the girl who played her was attractive in her own way, but nothing special.
In the scene where she's all dolled up to go to the ball and she's revealed to the audience in her gown, and we're supposed to go "ooohhh, ahhhh", she still looked like a fat slapper in a bad frock.

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