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Monday, August 30, 2010

Out In The Cold

I have just read an article by a Los Angeles television critic about the Emmy nominations.
I personally couldn't care less about the Emmy's themselves (or any other awards for that matter, unless I'm nominated for something).
His words sum up perfectly my own feelings towards the massively successful string of recent hits in my own industry recently.
I should care to meet this fellow and say "Thank you for expressing everything I've been whining about for so long".

"they are not beloved by me. I don't say this to be contrary or controversial. If anything, I'm in a state of wonderment. It feels odd, critically, to remain so unmoved by things that have moved so many, to be left cold by what warms the multitudes. Do I think that people who like these shows are wrong? I suppose in some way I must, just as I imagine that they would pity my inability to enjoy them, as though I were unable to appreciate the taste of strawberries or the smell of cut grass. … "Modern Family" does not work on me at all. It's as if we existed on different planes, or came from different planets, or that I suffered from some sort of neurological deficit that denatured every joke and feel-good moment."

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