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Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Tell A Long Story Short

The last month or so has been incredibly trying.
I spent some time on a badly organised job, which led to mayhem, madness and a lot of tension.
I was going to spend some time writing a straight forward account of what went wrong, the place of artists in the workplace, etc etc, and then balance that out with some commentary about the terrific bunch of talented artists I was lucky enough to be working with.
Of course I've sat down to write it and although it's only a week ago, it's almost forgotten about (at least in my mind...).
And besides which, I stumbled across these other blog posts which sum up most of my feelings about the last month anyway.
Post 01 from the blog of Richard O'Connor (an animation blog that all animationy folks should take a peek at regularly).
Post 02 from the blog of Joey Caps, one of the nicest guys you'll ever find in our industry (and remarkably tolerant, too).

1 comment:

Uli Meyer said...

Still haven't got a clue of what happened, even after reading the links. Anyway, good thing you've already forgotten...

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