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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Company

Boxhead and Roundhead are keeping good company at the house of Meyer.

From left to right top row: Erich Sokol, Ralph Steadman, Elliot Cowan, Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis
middle row: Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle.
Bottom row: Ernest Howard Shepard, Charles Dana Gibson, Michael Schlingmann, Fred Pegram, Fred Pegram (old Punch artist)
(And cheers Uli - this is terrific).

Also - I was approved for a greencard today.


docnad said...


But why would you want to move away from Uli's collection?

Matt Jones said...

I saw the wall for real this weekend- you're amongst fine company there-

Elliot Cowan said...

Docnad - as much as I delight in the company of my good friend Uli Meyer, he doesn't quite compete with the gal who I love.
I went to live with her.

Matt - hey man - how nice to hear from you.
I am very sure I am the lesser of the artists on that wall.

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