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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Goodbye Australia

In a few short hours I leave for London via San Francisco and Vancouver.
I am sure I'll get to the blog from time to time over that period, but in the meantime I'd like to thank the (as of this minute) 30,016 visitors that took the time to linger over my images.
Anyone who would like to get a hold of me can do so at
Take care everyone and I look forward to catching up with all your own work as soon as possible.


Oscar Grillo said...

Have a great journey, Elliot...You are a good man and the Gods will blow you fair winds...For the rest, your friends in Blighty will take care.
You good friend, Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Well then, it's finally happened! here I am, posting a comment on your blog (instead of sending you an email) and I'm even using my real name!

My dearest Elliot, I just wanted to say thanks for coming to see me before you left for old blighty. With me tv broked and all, I really am appreciating the music you didn't burn onto cd's for me (because that would be illegal and bad and all..snort), Given our conversation on pressure applied to creative types and what is perceived to be success. I will just say that no matter if you take on the world and win or end up cleaning toilets, you will be fine. I know it. Don't ask me how, I just do! Much love and good wishes. You will have a ball! It's been an absolute privelage to have known you all these years, and I don't take it for granted for a second. BE BRILLIANT my dear, wherever you find yourself. xxxxx c

* as to telstra stuffing up global roaming. they are jokes and when I run the world I will skin them all with a blunt teaspoon, bathe them in vinegar and put them in jail till they die!!!

Mik said...

Great visitng your blog, hope you have a great trip.


Boris Hiestand said...

Elliot my man,

have a great trip and I'll see you in the ye olde pube down in Londinium Township.

Mark said...

God damn it boy you have too many blogs you greedy sonofabitch...I can't keep up with you ;)

Unknown said...

Ill drop you a line...i work in nottingham but its a short trip to london and would be great to meet the legend in person!!!!!Safe travelling!

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