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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Double Whopper and Fries Please

And congratulations to unknown Canadian in Stony Point.
You've just become visitor number 18,000.
To claim your prize email me and I'll send you an address you can post your cheque to.


Girl said...

was it me? not using my home connection??

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, the pincushion ladies is my favorite. :)

Boris Hiestand said...

love the boxers. reminds me of a ren and stimpy episode mixed with 'Cinderella Man', a very pretty looking film by Ron Howard I saw last night.

Oscar Grillo said...

Trust me...I am one of those who know what is talking about..YOUR DRAWINGS ARE GETTING BETTER BY THE MINUTE!!!

Elliot Cowan said...

JAG - I have no idea if it was you or not, but let's assume it is.
Congratulations, you've won!

Means - thanks man.

Boris - Cinderalla man is not a bad film at all. And it does look terrific. Russel Crowe plays a thugs with a heart of gold - mostly he's playing himself...

Oscar - your compliments mean a great deal to me. I'm sure almost everyone has noted that any improvement in my work is probably due to me stealing liberally from you.
But really - thank you very much.

Girl said...

yay me!!

to bad for you i don't use cheques.

RedDiabla said...

Suicide girls and big hairy beast-men...great drawings!!

Elliot Cowan said...

JAG - cash would be fine.

Red - thanks Mrs Diabla!

TrunkMonkey said...

Your stuff is great..would love to hear what you think about my stuff at and maybe we can exchange links or something..

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