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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Corporate Affairs

This illustrates a meeting I had a with a client this morning.
Of course no-one literally had their tongue in the rectum of another person...


alberto mielgo said...

This is amazing. Your style is crazzy. I know that I always say the same but is absolutely true.
Your stuff is really funny and your style is so personal.
What I really hate in meetings is agencies people and ANTI-taste clients. Those are very often a common ingredients.

Oscar Grillo said...
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Oscar Grillo said...

(Sorry, I cancelled the previous to correct a misspelling)

After MANY years of battling with clients I realised that I was a fool..Why did I have to have "principles" in a job as shitty as making animated commercials?...I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THEIR MONEY WITHOUT HAVING TO FIGHT THEM SO MUCH, I SHOULD HAVE DONE WHAT THEY WANTED AND CHARGED THEM DOUBLE, today I'll be richer and happier (As they are, living in their large estates with swimming pools!!)
After all, TV series or commercials are ONLY SHIT anyway...A great creative guy from London just died. Not a single paper noticed his demise...Only the trade press and they just remembered him for a commercial he made for mashed potatoes..What a waste of a life!!!

11:04 PM

Claude Bordeleau said...

Hahaha! Great line, as usual, and with your unique "humour"!

Unknown said...


Elliot Cowan said...

Alberto - thanks for your kind words.
Agency people are, on the whole, scum my friend.
The are also probably something we'll have to endure in some form or another for the rest of our lives.

Oscar - I'm not really in a position where I can pick or choose the jobs I am given. I'm told "Here - this is on air in a week, do it within 2 days please".
I usually lay quietly and take it up the arse, but I choose some of my battles well.
This tale about the Mashed Potato Guy...this is a miserable tale, worthy of a film script perhaps.
On the other hand he may well have had a hugely fullfilling life with a loving family and good friends, so perhaps the people who count will remember him for something more important than mashed potatos.

Claude - it is very pleased that such a fine illustrator as yourself would drop past. Cheers pal.


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