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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cheesy Pun

Artist William Wray is asking folks to go visit a project he's working on.
It's a thing called Billy Bastard and involves lots of swearing and puppets hitting each other.
Here's a clip

I spent a good hour working on a very nice drawing of Frankensteins monster.
I was very pleased with my efforts - so pleased in fact that I overworked my drawing completely and killed it dead.
Instead of the rather nice and sophisticated gothic image, I give you this silly pun.

This is a reasonable facsimile of the Frankenstein monster that I made a complete hash of this morning.
It's not a terribly good drawing but I'm pleased with the concept.
I especially like the little withered arm.

non Frankenstein related.

This is Magneto, from the films.
It's a post from a drawingboard thread.


Unknown said...

fun characater!

Patrick Morgan said...

Ah ha! Great!

Elliot Cowan said...

Patrick Morgan you talented fellow.
Thanks for dropping past.

MikeS said...

That's Punny! Sorry to hear about the death of your Frankenstein monster drawing. I am sure it would have been pleased that you spent time with it during its last moments. Many a drawing of mine have met the same fate. Perhaps it could be resurrected?

Lil' Lesbians, eh? The God Couple? You're on a roll with your broadway, adapted for television; sure to be eventual feature films just prior to you receiving your star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Anonymous said...

To bad about the Frankenstein image but this a great substitute, I like the pistol at the end of his tail nice touch. :)

Elliot Cowan said...

Smook you demon.
I'll revisit Frankenstein this afternoon I should imagine.
I'll post it if it's successful.
I don't often kill what I'm doing as I tend to know in about 3 seconds if it's going to work or not...

Kactiguy said...

I really dig the mobster monster. Makes me wonder who he's got wearing cement boots at the bottom of this lake.

Unknown said...

hahahah I know that if ever need a smile on my face I can just come to your blog plop down a spell and smile for hours. I cant thank you enough!

Elliot Cowan said...

Dude - a pleasure!

Girl said...

poor frank needs a bro/manssiere.

RedDiabla said...

The mobster's GREAT!

I like the withered-arm drawing, too.

Great stuff, as usual.

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