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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blast From the Past - Updated with new pictures

This is a clip from my student film.
It's rather a daunting thing to present it to y'all.
It was the first finished piece of animation I ever did.
It's 10 years old now, but it has some merit.
There's some more info on it on a post further down the page...
After I did the picture above, I felt compelled to go back and put a saucy face on the body.


Unknown said...

Well, I really enjoyed this Elliot!

Lliam said...

I started at VCA Animation the year after you Eliot and found plenty of your original sketches and roughs stuffed into cracks and down behind drawing desks...I still have one somewhere. I loved your fluid squash and stretch and the fact that you choose to do 2D. I remember thinking there was a lot of Tom Waits's "Black Rider" in your film.
I enjoy your bitter jibes and jabs at our lacklustre industry. Thanks.

Lliam said...

Sorry I meant "Elliot"

Anonymous said...

Your little flim is great I really liked it. ^_^

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I enjoyed that too.

I got all my old film negatives from my folk's attic when I visited the UK in September. Think I'd like to get some of that stuff printed up as it too is quite a few years old now.


Jastolfo said...

Great stuff Elliot...Great stuff.

MikeS said...

I am going to say it again....some excellent timing and pacing....really fun to watch!

Elliot Cowan said...

Everyone - it is very kind of you to say so.
It's all a little old and daggy so it's nice to have some good feeback from some jolly international friends.

Girl said...

I liked that as well. It's amazing how much a few lines, with the music, can convey.

Oscar Grillo said...

For no reason whatsoever I feel like screaming COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL!
Ahhh!!!...I feel better now. I feel like if my brain emptied...I feel Californian!!!!!

Elliot Cowan said...

Music, painting, drawing and now poetry.
You are a man of many talents Oscar.
I've been trying to work up and illustration based around these hollow idiotic compliments with not much success.
It could be a challenge for the week...

mr-dunn* said...

i knew oscar would love it-
superb short elliot!-exquisite-tentacle slaps and everything..get it out there at the festivals!!
thanks for the mummified wallaby pic too

donnachada said...

Hey Elliot, that is really great. Lovely timing matched to the music. Wow, I'd love to see you do more of this. Long live the independent shorts. Love the way it all builds. Great stuff. You should keep doing these.

Elliot Cowan said...

Mr Dunn and Mr Donn - Cheers boys.
This thing is 10 years old now and did the festival circuit back then.
I would love to make more but that's all about time and money which are not things I have a lot of at the moment.
Also - it wasn't an independent short, it was my student film and I suspect I am infringing on some hefty copyright issues by posting it at all...

Wout Paulussen said...

Very inspiring blog. Very personal work.
And I love your linkslist.This will keep me busy for a while.

Anonymous said...

Damn Cool Work Elliot!!
That is a great film.
And the guy under it
making scribbles is great.
He is gettin some serious pleasure outta making those marks.

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