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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alabastor Brown

I decided I should follow up that last whining post with something light and jolly.

Some time towards the end of 2004 I was travelling back from Devonport in a car with my very good friend Robyn York.
We were chit chatting away about this and that and I started talking in this old man voice I had been playing with for a bit.
She thought it was extremely funny, and over the next few months we developed him into a bit of a character, with a history and a life and all that business.
We named him Alabastor Brown.
His character is hard to describe, it's best to listen to the clip.
Robyn was pregnant and the time, and so to distract her from baby things a bit I'd go into the booth and ad-lib a few minutes of Albie chattering on about one thing or another.
This is the second in the Albie series. (there's also a permanent link to it on the side there). It's audio only, no vision.
It details his short marriage and his battle with bulemia.
I have great fun doing this sort of thing - I'm not a big fan of Edna Everidge, but I am very fond of another character Barry Humphries plays called Sandy Stone, and I suppose there's a dream floating around somewhere of playing this character on stage in a similiar style.
Pie in the sky no doubt.
Hope you enjoy. The character speaks quickly and I use a strange pattern of speech but I'm sure you'll cope.
There are other Albie tapes somewhere but I'm not sure where they are.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I can picture him on stage monologuing (just watched the Incredibles again).

Don't know if you ever saw a young Rick Mayall do Kevin Turvey, he'd sit in the chair and rant about inconsequential topics.

Your character pictures a much older character prattling on.

I'd like to hear more, there's an ever so slight twang of John Cleese-esque-ness (Ok so maybe I'm makign word sup, I just woke up)


Oscar Grillo said...

Alabastor!!!...Charles Dickens could have killed for a name like that!!!!

Girl said...

i'll listen when i get my own computer back- no sound on this one.

Elliot Cowan said...

Mik - Incredibles is a wonderful film and the monologuing gag is very good.

I do know of Rik's, Kevin Turvey. I had some tapes of his shows.
I'll see what I can do about dragging some more Albie out.

Oscar - Interesting thing about the character is I've never drawn him and don't really know what he'd look like.

JAG - no rush! whenever you like.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Yeah I had tapes of Kevin Turvey, which of course dates us.


Girl said...

I saw argyle and spittle and corduroy slippers and an odd sort of aroma when I listened to Alabastor.

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