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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Toilet Humor

At my last job, there were obviously a number of men who had gone plops in the loo and left a poo stripe and not taken the toilet brush to it to clean up.
The cleaners (well I assume it was them) left a note stuck to the inside of the door that read -

"In the interests of good manners and simple hygiene, please use the toilet brush provided".
Under which some clever soul had written -
"Thank you, but I prefer to use the paper".
I'm not sure why this has come to mind this second but I used to find it extremely amusing.


Oscar Grillo said...

"but I used to find it extremely amusing......"
And so do I..
Once in a boring boxing match, a fat boxer couldn't connect a single blow and someone from the audience shouted..."Hit him with a tit!"
For the record, the fat boxer was "Hurricane" Carter, from Bob Dylan's song fame, and the other one was Rocky(Puma)Rivero from Argentina.

Elliot Cowan said...

I was going to whip a drawing of a fellow scrubbing his backside with a toilet brush, but I think I may instead do a boxer hitting another with his man boob.
Very funny tale Oscar!
Thanks for dropping past.

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