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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Remarkable Francesco Francavilla

Firstly - this is not a picture by Francesco, but it is inspired by his character "Black Coat".
At the moment I do not have a link to any of his work (although you can find plenty of it over at, but you have to be logged in to see it).
I think it would be nice to let everyone know firstly, what a terrific artist he is, and secondly, what a delightful fellow he is too.
Always ready with a kindly comment and useful advice for anyone.
I've emailed him in the hope that he can provide me with a link to his work so hopefully I can pop a link up later today.


Anonymous said...

Really nice work.

Uli Meyer said...

Wanna slap a fish in your face.

Uli Meyer said...


Elliot Cowan said...

Um...Thanks!...I think....

alberto mielgo said...

great silouette and atmosfere.( I don't know if this sentece works... It works?)

I have a nice laughs allways in your blog, cos your characters looks so funy!

Elliot Cowan said...

Alberto - thank you very much indeed.
It makes perfect sense!
Your own blog is full of wonderful, wonderful images.
I visit there every day.

Uli Meyer said...

Elliot - all in good humor, was very late last night!
Thank you for your kind comment, very much appreciated.

Oscar Grillo said...

Dear Elliot.I am going to Italy for a week (an animation festival)...Have a great time and keep doing great work. I'll visit you on my return.

Elliot Cowan said...

Uli - I worked out by the end of the day that your comment was a line delivered by the Highwayman character - yes?

Catch you on your return Oscar!

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