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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Penguins and Koalas and Dutchman and Swarthy Spaniard Types

1) Penguins - I'm getting some very positive feedback on with these Penguin pictures. There are plenty of comic fans there who are very passionate and clued in to the whole heroes and villians business so their feedback, apart from being positive is also meaningful.

2) Koalas - I may be being horribly presumptuous here, but if you pop on over to the endlessly useful and inspiring blog of animation champion Uli Meyer and scroll down a few posts, you will find a terrific drawing of a koala that I would like to think I played some small part in the creation of. It's name at least anyway - it's a rather jolly looking character which I am not really at all.

3) Dutchman - Boris, who I referred to yesterday, would like it to be known by all that he's not German at all. He's Dutch. I have alerted the media. CNN are on standby to cover the story.
Cheers Boris : )

4) Swarthy Spaniard Types - perhaps it is merely my own aesthetic interests, but has anyone else noticed the volume of sensational art coming out of our Mexican/Spanish/South American art friends? - and indeed from any other Swarthy Spaniard Types I'm not familar with!
There is of course plenty of great art across the blog world, but not with the consistancy and level of skill and uniqueness these nations seem to be able to create.
Something cultural that lurks in the hearts of them all perhaps?
Who knows?
There is so much to respond to from these amazing artists.


Anonymous said...

Your Penguin images have so much dark mood in them they’re great.

Little Rock said... a dark penguiny way...

MikeS said...

Your penguin posts of late have had a lot of drama to them, Elliot! Great perspectives and compositions!

Also, thanks for your comment on me little blog. Always appreciated!

Elliot Cowan said...

Smook - Cheers pal!
I suspect composition may be my main strength as my drawing skills as lacking sometimes!
How's the winter treating you there in Canada?

MikeS said...

It's not winter just yet....raining all day today. I think we may get a bit of snow tomorrow, but mostly rain. How's it on your island in the south pacific?

Elliot Cowan said...

Tassie is rather closer to Antarctica than the rest of the Australia, but the fact is, it's still a hot little place during the summer time.
It's warm and sunny and the sky is a typical Australian cyan.
I'll be heading home to the mainland next week and will take some snaps.
Which bit of Canada are you in?

MikeS said...

I am in Ontario where good things grow apparently. Cold is blue ball cold and hot is stupidly humid and sticky. Well time to get a little shut eye. Good blogging with you! Have a great day then! And keep posting your gems!

Elliot Cowan said...

Nigh nighs Smook!
Email me sometime - you'll find my address in my personal info!

donnachada said...

wow, Elliot, I love all these penguin posts. He's really quite evil. No wonder you're getting good feedback on them.
By the way, the Goodies pic....brill. You brought back some good old memories there.

Uli Meyer said...

Elliot - I was indeed thinking of you when I named the Koala. I have a few Aussie friends who spend their spare time shooting these critters out of trees which I thought was nothing to brag about. The 'teddy bear' apart from getting his name from Roosevelt was, I believe, designed based on these lovely looking creatures. But as you mentioned on my blog their fuzzy exterior is misleading.
I hope you are not put off by me naming the drawing after you, but it was just too damn obvious. Maybe I should have stuck some spectacles on the little fellow.
I adore your 'black series'. So much hidden in those great shapes. Wow!

Drazen said...

these silohouttes are fantastic!

Elliot Cowan said...

Donnachadda - thanks pal! And I'm surprised you know The Goodies - I assumed you were American where I would have imagined they were not that well known.
Did you know the The Goodies were a far bigger success here in Australia than they were in the UK?
Same with ABBA.

Uli - Do I mind?! You must be kidding mate! It's a thrill.
I don't know anyone who should be shooting them. They're actually endangered (they have some bizzare hepititis thing that is effecting their reproductive system).
It seems to me these fellows should be shot themselves!

Drazen - your comments always mean a lot to me. I love your work.

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