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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Much Fury And Anger

Tasmania is a wonderful island state, as I've waffled on about several times before.
One thing Tasmania is not very good at is their health care system.
I recently discovered that there's a GP very near my work, much more convenient than where I usually go.
I called them up and not for the first time in Tassie I was told "We're not taking on any new patients".
Now then.
Perhaps I simply have an over inflated sense of justice but does that strike anyone else as disgraceful?
"We've got enough sick people thank you" is what they seem to be saying to me.
"We done our daily 9 to 5 treating you infectious lowlives, we're not doing it beyond those hours".
I told the receptionst it was disgraceful.
So I made an appointment at my usual doctors and they told me they couldn't fit me in until Monday.
I swore and walked out.
I have found a new place to go to and they were happy to fit me in this afternoon.
This whole shenanigans has made me extremely cranky. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Well, at least they're telling you "forget it". In Canada, people have died (litrally died) waiting in the emergency rooms for doctors to see them.

I once waited - no joke - 8 hours to see a bloody doctor.

I'd much rather they tell me forget it than say, "yeh sure, you just wait here while we take out bloody time. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get to you before you pass out."

Tweedledopey said...

The funny thing is, it's not any different anywhere else. I asked a coworker for a good doctor around. He said his wasn't taking any new patients? It's a mix of two things:
1. Safety for the patients. Mainly, too many patients means you can't see everyone in a timely manner.
2. I believe doctor's out in their own practice still go on call at hospitals. I am actually making this up, but it sounds good.

Anonymous said...

not exactlty the people you want to go to in case of an emergancy

Anonymous said...

" I am actually making this up, but it sounds good."

Yeh you're right, it does sound good. You must be a good bullshiter when writing term papers and essays :)

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