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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where hearts were entertained in June

I dedicate todays post to Terry Gilliam, and more specifically, his film Brazil.
For those who haven't seen this movie it is usually described as an Orwellian thriller set in a future distopia (or something like that).
The reason I'm thinking of Brazil (the movie) at the moment is because at my new job, one of the managers I deal with has a truly unhealthy obsession with paper work.
I personally believe that she obviously doesn't really have a great deal to do, as if she were busy with her production duties she would be too busy to pester me with things like "I asked you to send me a 52b not a 52c".
That of course is an invented issue but it makes it much easier to explain than her real problems.
She also has a particularly screechy voice that seems to amplify 10 fold over the phone.
Add to that her endless patronising tone and you got someone that a smart punch in the mouth wouldn't fix.
"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP" I want to scream at her.
Yesterday I never mentioned that I had to show a 15 second commercial to a client in a town called Burnie.
An hour 40 to drive there.
5 minutes to wait for the prick to finish polishing his nuts or whatever it was he was doing "up the back".
1 minute to show him the ad.
Hour and forty minutes back.
I did a lot of singing.
This was the same dumbshit that told me the ad was initially the worst ad he'd ever seen.
When I showed him the ad he reassured me by telling me that doesn't like making a fuss.
I was tempted to ask him why then I was the fuckhead who had to drive 2 hours to see his sorry balding arse instead of him coming to me.
I haven't walked the dog today as it's been raining.
Tassie is lovely after the rain and I hope to post some pictures to prove it.Posted by Hello

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