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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hooray for snot!

I spent Saturday arvo/evening babysitting the lovely Ashleigh (2 and half) and Logan (7 months).
It's always a pleasure.
They are both a little ill at the moment.
All snotty and a little grizzly.
As a consequence they spent most of the asleep.
Not in their beds, but on me.
As a result I am also snotty and a little grizzly.
I am particuarly annoyed not because I'm sick so much as I have to spend the day on the coast making car ads.
I hate making car ads.
I don't know anything about them (in fact only this weekend it occured to me that my car was making a funny noise. I discovered after visiting the petrol station that you apparently need to keep the water and oil topped up.... well I did know that I'd just forgotten...).
I may be at home in bed tomorrow so unless I see you there I'll catch you all soon. Posted by Hello


Kristen McCabe said...

Love that drawing, especially the pose of the baby. hee hee how cute! Hope you're feeling better.

Elliot Cowan said...

I'm am feeling significantly better thanks for asking.
I was pleased with the baby too.
You know how sometimes you just nail the lines in the right order and everything looks wonderful (ie, like someone else drew it...)

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