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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Caricature is an interesting thing.
Some people will recognise the subject straight away.
Others think you are a no talent hack without a clue.
My biggest illustration hero is a fellow called Gerald Scarfe.
Despite some heavily detailed work, his theory about caricature seems to be that it's important to get the essence of someone, rather than reproduce them exactly.
If that were your goal I guess you'd paint a portrait.
This is Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.
In actuality I don't think it looks much like her, but I think I captured the essence of Uma from that particular film (and who wouldn't want some essence of Uma?). Posted by Hello


espritgirl24 said...


Elliot Cowan said...

Thanks Espritgirl.
Always happy when someone gushes about my work.

Abuliac said...

They praised the Greek painter Zeuxis for depicting reality so precisely that when he painted grapes upon a wall, birds would peck at them, deceived.

The philosophy of art has changed dramatically since then. Reality bores us and we like perspectives of it unlike our own.

I think caricature, in a sense, is bringing out what strikes you about a certain person (the essence, as you call it) and emphasizing it above the those features you find irrelevant, common, or unsalient.

Personally, I like it. The fact that some people don't recognize her just means that they see her differently from you. I'd let you caricaturize me any day!

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