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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


If you read the post below you will know I was sent to a copywriting seminar for the day.
As it happens the event was rather mismarketed and was pretty much irrelevant to us TV guys.
The guest speaker was a bloke called Drayton Bird who some of you advertising types out there may have heard of.
He spoke well and at length about things that had no baring on us whatsoever and made some appalling jokes that no-one laughed at.
The highlight of the day was a picture I defaced in the handout.
It was Albert Einstein holding his hands in a particular way.
I made it look like he was holding another mans penis.
It may not sound it, but it was exceptionally funny.
Here are the highlights of the many doodles I did during the day (not including the defaced Albert Einstein picture that I unfortunately left behind).


alberto mielgo said...

You find fun allways.
Those sketches are brilliant.
I'd love to see the Albert Einsteins ones.

Elliot said...

Alberto - I thank you!
The drawings of myself were done first thing in the morning and reflect the way I was feeling.

J.a.G. said...

That's not a pretty morning face.

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