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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Night In Hobart

Work cleverly sent Nardia (my new co-producer) and I to Hobart for a copywriting seminar.
My dear pal Alex "Manchild" Harris from the rival network was also going so we decided to meet up for drink the night before.
The hotel I was staying at was rather nice.
I was upgraded to what is called an Antique suite.
This meant it had some old furniture, which on a world scale is not that old.
Australia is only 220 years of age.
I repaid their kindness by waking up in the night and vomiting enthusiastically over the carpet.
I discovered the next morning that I'd spent $30 on room service although what I ate remains a mystery because I don't recall the experience.

Nadia and I ate at Marty Zuccos, a popular Italian place.
There was a cell on the wall signed by Charles McKimson who I'm assuming is related to Robert McKimson, judging from the linework.

This is, in order, Nadia, Jen (who became more and more racist and unpleasant as the evening progressed), Alex and Brad Pitt.

This is Jen before she decided to express her views on Jewish folks.

Nadia doesn't drink, bless her.
She will now be called "Taxi".

Then we started drinking vodka shots.

I include this picture because it's more flattering than the others.

Alex was beginning to wind down.

These are Jens boobs (I assume).
I include them merely to illustrate that even the most pathetic, no-hoping, loser can have at least one or two worthwhile attributes.
Why Alex is holding that ticket there is a mystery.

This is Stone Henge made from hay bales.
It's very large and amuses me a great deal.
This was taken on the way back.
I am not fully recovered and have enjoyed a few cleansing ales to get myself together again.


Matt J said...

Heck, I've already forgiven her the racist views. Anyway, gave her a break, she's TASMANIAN for God's sake!!

UM said...

Hey Elliot,
Thanks for the drawings, they're fantastic and will go up on the wall soon! I tried to e-mail you but for some reason the message keeps bouncing back.
Love the photo story. Laughed a lot. Still trying to locate Brad Pitt in that picture. Maybe you ate him that night.

Boris Hiestand said...

I think you don't like her because you DID, but she wouldn't sleep with you.
Send her to London. Everyone's a little bit racist here.

J.a.G. said...

Mixing drinks= puke.

J.a.G. said...

And Nardia... :)

RedDiabla said...

Mixing drinks + chicks who don't like Jews + room service + not putting a wastebasket by the bed = D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, if you ever find yourself in Nebraska(here's hoping you kinda don't), the one thing worth checking out there is "Carhenge". Yep, a stonehenge made out of cars. It's cool and also has dinosaur sculptures surrounding it.

Smook said...

How tall are you? You look like you could be about 8 and a half feet tall in the flattering picture while sitting next to your pal. I guess that's why you called him 'manchild'.

Hope you are recovering well.

Oscar Grillo said...

A very stupid question. Did you get laid?

Elliot said...

Matt - it is very true that this is the most racist state in the nation.
The first year I was living here I'd often have old men in pubs ask me "Are you a wog mate? You look like a wog".

Uli - Email was down for a few days mate.
Everythings fine now. Glad you enjoyed them.

Boris - shut up you Dutch cunt.

JAG - I've already discussed my vomiting experience with you and it doesn't bare repeating.

Red - it was actually the wine that did me in. I cook with it often but rarely drink it as it tends to make me very crook.

Smooker - Both Alex and I are under 6 foot. I however am built like a brick shithouse whereas he is built like a bus ticket.

Grillo - no I didn't. I never do. Booby girl went home with Alex who was too drunk to provide any lovin' anyway.
It wasn't a stupid question, in fact I'm surprised no-one else asked.

Stef said...

I can see that you're practising for the Grillo's lunch in London!

mr-dunn* said...

too funny-i needed a laff-ya daffy bastard...
brendan houghton-another joy to behold-once drew a huge manpart on a promotional brochure of ronald mcdonald-a drawing that was done with so much fine anatomical detail that i can recall it to this day..

Elliot said...

Although I didn't keep any of them, my chum Alex filled his notebook with crude drawing of willies and the words "Suck my balls" in large 3D styled letters.
It was very funny.

mr-dunn* said...

eric gill-sculptor and typographer-had endless sketchbooks devoted to his own willy..
heroic..deflated..studious..ask dean roberts about the famous sketch entitled.."before bath..after bath.."
now THERE was some squash and stretch....see ya

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