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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Executive Decision

I just spent 40 minutes in a car with one of our sales execs and this has prompted this drawing.
In a moment of David Brent like magic, he told me in a single breath that not only did he want to do some work for the red cross (quite passionate he was too), but also wanted to go live on an island in the sun and never have to worry about things.
He did tell me something very amusing about an executive at my old workplace called Mr P Milne.
He has a nickname - TIM, that is being used by the big boss there.
TIM stands for That Idiot Milne.
You may not know him, but it is very fitting.


Oscar Grillo said...

nice pink winkle.

Elliot said...

I'm going to have that printed onto a t-shirt.

Stef said...

you could have done at least one drawing in that car!

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