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Friday, March 03, 2006

Popular Opinion

This is my entry for last months Eurovision Art Contest.
The topic was - The 4th Dimension.


Oscar Grillo said...


J.a.G. said...


Elliot said...

Oz - compliance will get you nowhere.
I didn't draw what they did to the guy who said "yes!".

JAG - oops indeed!

Alina Chau said...

very clever idea!! Love the characters!! Great drawing!

Elliot said...

Clever idea you say?
What is the idea then????
Do you know?
Will you come back and tell me?

Oscar Grillo said...

No, Elliot...She won't. She'll be too busy visiting the 67734176356824789478693108 other blogs where she leaves her tag.

Stef said...

Tooo coooool! sorry Elliot, i couldn't resist.

Oscar Grillo said...

Yes, Stef...You're right...Totally cool...Neat, Awesome!

Elliot said...

EVERYONE'S cool!!!! Fabbo!

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