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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Commercials on Demand

Out here in the wilderness we make a lot of commercials.
Often times I only have a few hours notice to get something to air.
Agfest is a very large agricultural show here in Tassie.
I threw this together in about an hour.
It's not well animated but it's cute.
It's the one sheep animated in After Effects and repeated at different speeds and sizes.
The gunshot effect was a joke my editor added and did't actually go to air even though it's really funny.


Spots said...

You know I never comment, but that was fabulous...

W.MEANS said...

Super stuff!

Elliot said...

Beth - I never thought in a million years I'd impress you with sheep.

Little Rock said...

I think this is lovely.
Did you do the Baa-ing as well?

Elliot said...

Ah yes actually.
That is me.

Alina Chau said...

That's very coool!! The gun shot effect is very wicked!

martin wittig said...

Man, That gun shot was Great!:)

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