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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gag By Spotswood, Artwork by Cowan

In Australia on a Friday, when it's getting to the end of the day, someone will usually say "Well it's nearly beer o'clock" which is a signal for someone to run to the bottle shop and grab some beers.
Beer o'clock is anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30.
It's past beer o'clock now and I am looking forward to continuing the session at the pub.
Have a good weekend, may see some of you.


martin wittig said...

Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!!! That's great!

Oscar Grillo said...

Almost cool.

Elliot said...


Claude Bordeleau said...

Since few days, I was too busy to look at your updates.... I missed something! Wow! Your style is incredible! I love your line. What a pity that my english is too poor to say well what I think of your work...

You are not almost good, you are almost god :)

Elliot said...

Claude - your English is perfectly fine, I assure you.
Your compliment is very sweet although overly enthusiastic.
I am only as good as those I have stolen from.
Cheers though.

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