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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Incident On High Street

You can probably work this one out.

Speaking of girls bottoms, here is a girl whose bottom I'd be keen to see.
This is Clare Bowditch, one of my favourite Australian singers.
Is she not simply delightful?
She's also a fine lyricist to boot, and a great singer.
And she's married to some lucky bastard!


AndyMurray said...

Aye lad, that she is...that she is.

Elliot said...

yes... I want one...

Stef said...

you'll probably find one as clever and beautiful while travelling around the world!

Elliot said...

I should like to think so Mr Kardos!

Royalist_Scum said...

Clare is the HOTTEST chickadee in Australian music at the present. I saw her play the Sydney laneway festival in March 06. The way she makes lingering eye contact and smiles sweetly at each member of the audience *sigh*... It feels like she's singing just for you.
An alround excellent musician, singer and songwriter who is oozing with charisma - and yes, married to some lucky bastard.

Elliot said...

I am turquoise with envy Royalist Scum!

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