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Monday, January 02, 2006

Ugly Love Continued...

Oh - and here are some pictures taken of the outside of my home.

I just posted this on, under the Oh Rainy Day girly theme.
Feet are a little wonky but it's cute enough.

Also - I'm currently wrangling passports and such.
Will the real Elliot Cowan please stand up?!

An addition from an obscure Argentinian

Here's an interesting thing.
When you go to get your passport picture taken, you aren't allowed to smile.
How crazy is that?!!


RedDiabla said...

The drawings are great!

Elliot said...

Cheers Diabla!
Always nice to have you visit.

Smook said...

I like the rainy day girly sketch. So, uh, which passport photo are you going with then? I swear I've seen the 2nd one top row, and first one bottom row in some movie or television show somewhere!

Hope your new adventure is a great experience for you!

Elliot said...

Girl sketch is ok but as pointed out to me on drawingboard, a little off balance.
I tend to draw quite large and my monitor isn't that big.

I'll be choosing the bottom left hand corner, which has a bit of a Tor Johnson feel about it.
New adventure isn't happening quite yet!!
Not for several months I shouldn't imagine.

RedDiabla said...

I like the off-balanceness of the girl drawing. Maybe it's because I'm looking at it with my head tilted to one side, though. ;)

Kristen McCabe said...

Holy Crap! I love the top right passport pic!
And your voice-over demo reel is Crazy-Cool, I like the way you say "Tender" towards the end ..... "Teeen-dah" ahh.. cool accent.

Stef said...

Happy new year Elliot!

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I don't think I want to meet either of those four in a dark alley!

the doodlers said...

Fun Uglies.
Maybe you could add tweens and animate a new avatar with those 4 faces.
Good girlsketch. She looks like she's about to move. Being a bit off-balance is often a good thing.
Plus it looks like you live in a pretty rose-covered cottage! Happy New Year.

Oscar Grillo said...

Not able to smile, huh?...In some countries, that beard of yours would have to go, mate!

Elliot said...

Kristen - you monkey faced girl!
The "tinder" pronunciation is a New Zealand thing.
They have oddball accents and it's taken me several years to learn to do it well.

Stef - and a HNY to you as well you fickle Frenchman!

Mik - I'm sure they're harmless enough.

Doodlers - It's entirely possible I could do something through After Effects. I may explore that...
My lovely little house will be sold soon to fund my international trip - looking for a weekend getaway?...

Elliot said...

Oscar - I was just typing my replies to the others when you left yours.
I always find it a little thrilling to discover someone I know is going about their business at the same time as myself when they are on the other side of the planet.
As for the beard - I have several clients who refer to me as "The Terrorist".
I've always assumed it refers to the beard rather than the service I provide.

Matt J said...

Rainy Day Girl has strong attitude & fine line-work.

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