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Friday, December 30, 2005

Childrens Book

Every time I head into town I spend some time browsing the childrens books at the book shop.
I am not always that thrilled with what we deem worthy to dish up to our children.
Once stories were about shoving children in ovens, and being eaten by wolves and being torn to peices by monsters of some kind.
Now we have things like "I Love You So Much" and "Goodnight, Sleeptight".
The subject matter itself is less important to me than the art (I have no problem with sweet messages in books).
I looked at a lot of stuff yesterday, and with the exception of the classic illustrators (whose work is fortunately is still widely available here) I saw only one thing that I really took to - an adaption of Frankenstein, obviously for slightly older readers.
It was illustrated by a fellow called Drahos Zak and you can find a large image from the front cover of the book here.
It's terrific.

Also, if you've got time take a look at my showreel, which you can find here or via the link down the right hand side.
I'm curious to know how well it downloads and if it looks ok.
Happy New Year to everyone and I hope some of you return to your blogs soon.
I seem to be the only one here at the moment and it's not so much fun on your own...


W.MEANS said...

Hi there! Your not alone I’m still kicking around here in space. Nice image I just don’t what a hug from that thing in the image. I haven’t updated my Blog but I updated my site pop by if you want and have a great New Year. Later. ^_^

Whitney said...

Ha ha ha I want to laugh already because of how the character looks and how the words look sarcastic beside that character. I want to be in animation. :-)
Check out my art.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Yeah we need to come up with a series of kids books featuring your scary characters.

I'd enjoy reading those types of books to the grand kids than the ones they keep wanting grandpa to read to them.


Elliot said...

Hey guys - thanks for dropping past and taking the time!

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