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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Team

I'm particularly pleased with this.

I forgot to post last months Eurovision image.
The topic was Celebrity Death.


Nabeel said...

nice work mate ..
i like the guy in the back with sunglasses .. is he the brains or the muscles of the team?

Elliot said...

Hey Nabeel.
No real thought behind any of it I'm afraid.
I just spat it out my arm in the hope I'd get something nice.
Thanks for dropping by : )

Smook said...

These are great Elliot! I did see your Eurovision entry up a few weeks ago and made me chuckle! I am glad that Death is branching out; it's terrible when you get type casted. Versatility is KEY!

Elliot said...

Thanks man.
I'm not sure if you are familiar with Michael Parkinson, who is the interviewer there.
If not, he is a legendary figure from the UK, who has been interviewing celebs for about 600 years.
He had a famous run in with Meg Ryan a few years ago.
Originally I had death saying he was starring in a romantic comedy.
After some thought I thought it was funnier to say it was a murder mystery as, because he was death, he would probably know who the murderer was, so it was even sillier, and I like silly things.
Gosh - that was longwinded.

Claude Bordeleau said...

Nice character designs!

Boris Hiestand said...

sjeesh you just kept on posting didn't you? No holiday break?

Oscar Grillo said...

You are pleased and should bloody well be! Wonderful drawing!!

the doodlers said...

Those 4 look particularly bitchy, except for the guy on screen left who looks frozen with fear... Snearingly good drawing fun!

Elliot said...

My international friends - it's always very pleasing that you take the time to comment.

Boris - I rarely take time off over Christmas. It's usually very quiet in the television industry at that time and therefore I'm quite happy to be here doing nothing much at all.

Doodlers - I am especially pleased with "sneeringly good".
This is an expression I like very much indeed.

Matt J said...

I was impressed by the design of these two characters. Parky's spot on & the shape of death's skull works well.

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