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Friday, December 09, 2005

Real Ink

Here is some real art!
I usually have something like this on the go but I don't often post them as they are large and difficult to take a quick snapshot of.
But it's real!
Real pen and real ink and real paper.

Later in the day.
I took a picture of myself with a digital camera today and I felt I somewhat resembled the French actor John-Claude Dreyfus, who most folks will know from the film Delicatessen.
He's got about 604 times more character in his mug than I do but I think there's a resemblance.

Also - here's a reworked song for all my friends out there who, like I, work in advertising.

To be sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Sitting at my desk.
Writing yule tide ads.
Pushing used car sales,
And things that help your abs.
Running out of time,
To finish all these bits,
The quickest way to sell this stuff,
Is use lots of perky tits.

Jingle Bells,
Christmas sells,
Prices slashed right now.
We've dropped out pants,
Here's your last chance,
To save on puppy chow,
Clearance sale.
Prices pale.
Everything must go.
Forget Jesus,
Saving pleases,
Every one we know!


W.MEANS said...

Beautiful and spooky.

Boris Hiestand said...

You're a handsome devil, I'll give ye that.. fkn'.. cockmonkey..

El Snoozo said...

I agree that I would buy something because of perky tits..oh and a midget mascot.

" Happy Birthday Jesus..Sorry, we've made your party so lame."

Elliot said...

Boris - I look like a tit in a tuba mate!

El Snoozo - I have used perky tits to sell more that you could possibly imagine...

Smook said...

You illustration for some reason reminds me of the War of the Worlds movie....maybe it's because I saw it last weekend.....Love your compositions sir!

By the way, had our first REAL snowfall over th night, about 12-15 cm. Beautiful! in case you were losing sleep over it....

Elliot said...

Oh nice - cheers mate.
I watched it again just last night.
How funny.

12 - 15 cm. Man....

Smook said...

Love the snow! Winter isn't winter without it here! At least to me anyway. Hope you're at least feeling better.....

Elliot said...

Markedly actually - thanks fer asking!

St John Street said...

yes I did many times me and my friend would have a race to where ever we were going to play to see who would get to first at back. I love your art by the way thank for looking at my stuff

Alina Chau said...

REallly cOOL!

Elliot said...

St John - that's a very kind thing to say.
And looking at your work is very easy for me.
It's terrific!

rayray said...

If I'd kept track of how many times perky tits have gotten me to buy something...........oy

the doodlers said...

Hello Elliot! You have such variety in your posts!

Love these alien-like creature drawings, and the holiday shlockery-mockery is a delight.

the doodlers said...

PS: thanks for the link and the technicoloured (using the British spelling as we do here in Canada too) description!

Elliot said...

Rayray - it's a trap for young players...

Doodlers - what a nice thing to say.
I always assume my work carries a bit of a sameness that I'm constantly trying to shed - so ta.
As for the link - my pleasure!!!

Eric said...

Reminds me of a character out of the Grinch who stole Christmas if it were in B&W. Excellent. Merci!

Elliot said...

Why thanks Eric.
That's a nice thing to say!

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