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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Just Good Friends...
This is part of a pitch for a new sitcom.
It's about a gay couple who are killed in a boating accident.
They rise from the grave and in an effort to appear more "normal" pretend that they're not gay, but are in fact "Just Good Friends" - which will be the name of the sitcom.
I imagine that Jeremy Irons could play Frederick, the tall, thin, anally retentive gay zombie.
His portly friend (David) could be played by John Goodman who, thanks to the magic of special effects and crawling about on his knees, will appear to be shorter.
They both work for the same advertising company.
When Frederick and David try and eat everyone in the office, hiliarity ensues!

More than friends...
Singer/songwriter, noisemaker Tom Waits wrote a lovely song called Fish And Bird.
From the sound of it, it's probably based on an old folk tale.
It's about a bird and a whale who fall in love.
Because the bird can't swim and the whale can't fly, they can never be together until the moon is reflected in the sea.
With the moon reflected in the sea, it seems as though the whale is in the sky, and when the moon is shining, the bird is able to be reflected in the water.
It's a beautiful idea and a lovely song.

No-ones Friend...
If you head over to this blog of Oscar Grillos (one of several he maintains) and scroll just a little way down the page, you'll find a photgraph of this dog I've drawn.
It's the most horrible thing in the world.
It looks like it's been digested by something big and unpleasant.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I'd watch it, sounds great.


Elliot said...


GhettoFab said...

heheh comin to your blog always puts a smile on my face!

Elliot said...

Ha - cheers Melman, always nice to have you here.

Boris Hiestand said...

LOL hilarious! I can already see them acting it out sitcom style!

AndyMurray said...

Id marry that dog!!!! Lovely stuff as have a book here for sure. Your style is really coming onto its own.
The penguin stuff is exceptional!
Id love to animate this kind of stuff!!

Have a great christmas man, in lovely sunny oz!!!............. hey, ill be there next year, bypass our winter...yipppieee!!!

Matt J said...

Elliot, I'm beginning to worry about you . . .!

A zombie sit-com may have legs (sorry!)
Have you seen Takashi Miike's HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURI'S? Insane Japanese film with hilarious musical sequences & a zombie sumo-wrestler!

The dog sketch is gangbusters!

Elliot said...

Boris - there is of course a role in it for you.
You will play the part of Mr Poortvliet, the Zombie couples nosey neighbour.
"I can hear something rotting in there!" will be your line.

Andy - very kind indeed! I'm sure you would do a fine job of animating this stuff and if you'd like to tackle it, go right ahead. I'm not much of an animator myself.
As for visiting Oz.
Let me know when, although it's entirely possible I'm going to be in the UK.

Matt - No need to worry about me, it won't do you any good.
I don't know that film (I've not seen a lot of Japanese cinema) but anything with a zombie sumo-wrestler sounds like something I'd enjoy.
The dog I've drawn is about 304 times cuter than the original reference picture.
Go look that up on Oscars blog.

Smook said...

What a frightening animal that was; but I think you were being too conservative with you figure above, I believe it was about 457 times cuter that the orignal reference picture!

Elliot said...

Smook - it's the most revolting animal ever.
It looks like it's been left in the fridge too long.

Ultra Fem said...

Funny idea, on a lot of levels. Pretending to be "not gay" is more important than pretending to be "not dead." Funny, and very pointed.

Elliot said...

Thanks UF.
It's satire central here on Sandwichbag.

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