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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another Post for Boris and some animation comments

I have just been called a "cock monkey" by the beautiful, yet unshaven Boris Hiestand.
I have been amused greatly.
To commemorate this important insult I''ve created an image of the cock monkey.
Some kind of baboon/mandrill hybrid, with a prehensile willy tail.

I rewatched the Blue Sky movie Robots last night (I was babysitting).
What a missed opportunity that was.
For those who haven't seen it, it's chock full of terrific design, great ideas, wonderful art direction, forgettable characters, average writing, awful voice acting (although some is great) and a horrible sound track.
The first 15 minutes are terrific - where the baby robot is "delivered" and all that.
Really sweet and funny.
And throughout there are some lovely moments.
Greg Kinnear and Jim Broadbent give great vocal performances.
There's a funny sequence in which the main hero is magnetised.
A lovely sequence involving a crazed mode of public transport.
Almost all the character design is delightful and in some instances inspired.
But on the whole it's dissapointing.
There's dreadful music throughout, especially over the end sequence (which not only has dreadful music but is also weird).
And the climax of the film is awful too.
And any fan of Futurama (one of my favorite shows ever) will have seen many of the incidental gags before.
And the animation is strange.
It's a 3D film that looks like it was animated like a 2D film.
A stylistic choice maybe?
I think it just looks manic and spiky all the time.
And here's a thing - this is the second animated film in recent years to ape Pixars, A Bugs Life in several ways.
The other is Chicken Run, although I think that's about 317 times better than Robots.
Each film has an inventor of some sorts for a lead character.
The lead character longs for something more - a bigger dream.
In ABL and Robots both lead characters head to the big city on a quest (very similar arrival sequences).
In ABL and CR both characters construct a giant bird to achieve their goals.
In ABL and Robots both "armies" are defeated by a band of misfits.
Anyway - now I'm just blabbering on.
So then. Robots. Perhaps I'd recommend you watch it with the sound turned off, which is a shame, because a lot of talented folks seemed to have had a hand in it.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I din't think it was a brilliant film, with grandkids running around we seem to watch animated movies repeatedly. Lost count how many times we have watched Madegasgar [sic]


Elliot said...

I've not actually seen it yet Mik.
If you head over to here
you can drop Kevan a line who worked on it.
I believe Donnachada did also -

PEPE said...

Awesome work!!!

St John Street said...

I'm still love your work

Boris Hiestand said...

Robots.. Madagascar.. sigh. I would give my lungs to work on films like this, because these studios are jampacked with some of the best artists around the world, and must be inspiring to be around.

The films in the end though, are some of the biggest pieces of SHIT I've ever seen, and I'm being nice here. Madagascar made me want to kill stuff.

it's COCK MONKEYS we need- not robots and lions overdosed on color that zip around the screen selling us cheesy one liners from other films.

Oscar Grillo said...

Dear Elliot:
I've been out for eight days (An animation festival in Italy) and seeing you blog after this short absence is SUCH A TREAT!!...You've been VERY inpired in these few days.
Yoy shitting sheep is GREAT and so is your hungry dog...Great....Keep it up!

Elliot said...

Pepe - thanks pal. I visit your own blog regularly.

St John - I'm still love YOUR work too!

Boris - It's a difficult situation I know. Such great artistry but not great film making.
As I mentioned I've not seen Madagascar but I sure do love the character design.
Perhaps we should start writing this Cock Monkeys movie.
We'll drag Smooker.
It'll be called The 3 Cock Monkeys!

Oscar - How nice to have you back.
I haven't checked your blogs yet and have no idea if you've reported anything of your experiences at the Anim Fest, but if not it would be nice to hear about.
Thanks for dropping past - your opinions are very worthwhile to me.

Oscar Grillo said...

I saw hours of animation at the festival but there was nothing remarkable (Only good friends and loads of wine)
The film I liked best but it was not much noticed was "L'Eau de Roses" de Arthur De Pins" that you can see here (Plus some other great pictures)

Boris Hiestand said...

Arthur is a hero.

Elliot said...

Oscar / Boris - oh yes.
I've had his site linked for some time.
He's quite a talent.
Remarkable illustrator and his animation is all very entertaining.

RedDiabla said...

I like the monkey drawing. Monkeys are fun!

Elliot said...

Thanks Diabla.
I had a squizz at your blog and you certainly have a nice collection of monkeys there.

RedDiabla said...

Dumb American comment: "Is 'squizz' a bad thing?"


Btw, found your site through the Drawing Board. Of course.

Elliot said...

Ha! - it's not that dumb Red.
A squizz merely means to have a look at something.
As for drawingboard - do you post there much?
I don't recognise your work.
It's nice to have you on the blog whatever the case.
You're welcome back anytime.
The guys who post here are all hugely talented - you should go check out their work.

RedDiabla said...

Yeah, I've definitely noticed the talent factor, buh-leeve me!

Thanks for letting me invade!

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