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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Everyone loves a llama.
It's because of the double "L".
It's not because they are friendly,
They're rude and bad tempered and smell.
It's not because they're helpful,
Happy to stroll hand in hand.
And it's not because they would come along,
And cheer when you played in your band.
It's not because they are tasty,
And when stewed, in your mouth they may melt.
No - Everyone loves a llama,
But only for the way it is spelt.

Speaking of animals and rhyming verse, if you don't know the work of Bill Peet go visit his site - there's a link on the right of the page.
On the site there is a page of excerpts from kids letters to Bill.
Some of them are hilarious.
Here are my favorites -

"I like the expressions you have in your books. You are a very good artist. Thank you for the letter. Please don’t write back. Your friend, Ronnie S."

"I like your books. My whole family likes them. My cat does not know we have them"

I especially like the conspiritorial tone of the last one.
I find it very amusing that the cat must be excluded from storytime.
Perhaps it has some kind of addiction, or some kind of mental imbalance.
A jealous streak.


alberto mielgo said...

That's great.
I'll check his site for sure.
I like the letters and also the crazy LLama drawing.She looks so silly character!!

Boris Hiestand said...

did you get his autobiography yet?
you said you would..

Steve Daye said...

That's a great llama!

Smook said...

GET the autobiography! It's fantastic! Fantastic llama! You should do a 'daily llama' sketch.

Kactiguy said...

I like the llama lots.

Elliot said...

Thank you.
But as I mentioned, it's not the drawing you like, it's the spelling of the word LLAMA.

I'll get the book I promise, Boris!!!
Haven't yet, but I will soon!!!

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