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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Battage

Some of you good folks may be familiar with the Batman stuff I've been working on.
I mostly post it over on drawingboard for the comic book experts to ponder.
It was requested I tackle a character called Two Face.
Here are my results.
I liked the idea of keeping him a normal man (with a big long head) but is fuelled by whatever madness is pressing him to violence.
I thought that the madness might be represented by a kind of crazy shadow.

In this last one I really want to show Batman getting whipped.
Why is it that he can only sustain punches? (in the movies at least).
I wanted to see him taken out properly.
Those are supposed to be scalpels poking out of his head....
Francesco F described it as Batman meets Twoface meets Taratino, which is very appealing to me.


W.MEANS said...

Really cool Bat stuff.

Smook said...

These are the ones I was refering to! Love the whole series!

Elliot said...

Cheers guys.
I was just posting something new when you responded to this one.
I'll reply in full to your email later on buster.

TonyC. said...

love these!

Elliot said...

Thanks mate.
There are more in archives if you go back and take a look.

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