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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Meeting peeps

I always find it amazing how perfect strangers in movies just end up as special friends.
From my experience most folks are not at all interested in being pals unless you are attractive to them.
I often meet people and think, "Oh, well, she seems nice enough, perhaps we could do something sometime".
But I never do ask because I always end up feeling foolish.
I think it's easier if you're a woman.
If a guy asks someone to do something it's taken as given that he's after a shag (which would be nice but not really the ultimate goal).
So who knows what you're supposed to do.
I have a small group of intimate friends (intimate emotionally, not intimate in a pink bits kind of a way), and the fact is that I rarely meet anyone I'm that fussed to spend time with anyway.
So ultimately I'm whining about nothing because I have dear friends.
But it would be nice to have a shag occasionally too.Posted by Hello


abuliac said...

I think that's very true. I meet so many very interesting people and I know if we got to know each other, we could become good friends... but the effort is too much and there never seems to be the time. I find that the people I end up becoming close with are the ones with whom I spend many hours working or dancing... so the friendship grows as a byproduct of productivity. Perhaps that is a feature of college life, though.

Elliot said...

I do think that in life you end up being friends with the people you need and want to be around.
(Apologies to all the losers out there with no pals).

Muzakaz said...

It seems that most people are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't take the time to think about someone else. Just what they can get for the immediate. Here in lies the shag. The quick fix.


Elliot said...

I could do with a quick fix sometimes.
But yes - I agree.
Most people are dreadfully self centred (including me plenty of the time and no doubt yourself).
However, I do like meeting new folks.

Red Egg said...

It gets worse as you get older doesn't it? Making "friends" gets alot harder.

But I suppose if you're naturally bouncy and outgoing, life is alot easier :)

P.S. I love your blog. Your illustrations are so fresh and clean.
I hope you don't mind my linking you from my site. (If you do, let me know and I'll just have you removed :)

Elliot said...

I'm not sure if it gets harder Sar.
I think as you get older you have the confidence to meet more people but perhaps become a little more discerning (or grumpy if you like).
And thanks for your link!
I'll add you to mine.

artful kisser said...

Most of my friends (male & female) would heartily agree that we’re all pretty uggers - hardly likely to win any beauty contests – and have gravitated towards each other because of other common bonds, such as, say, being ugly, enjoying and being comfortable in the presence of each others’ ugliness and not feeling the need to make excuses for our physical appearance. So I don't really agree with what you're saying. But even if we are ugly, everyone knows when someone’s ulterior motive is a shag…

I guess you're saying it's like when you walk out of a store and even if you know you haven’t stolen anything, you always think the alarms are going to go off and everyone’s going to stare at you.

Elliot said...

Kisser -
I wouldn't describe myself as ugly.
I discribe myself as "non distracting" or "inoffensive".
I would wager also that you and your friends are also far from ugly.
And I think you may have missed my point a little because your comment about walking out of a shop doesn't ring true with me (personally).
I think Muzakaz' comment is most accurate - that most people can't be bothered, or are too self centered to take a risk and meet someone new.
The real point is that I'm a bloody nice fellow and it would be nice to know more people but they and I are sometimes too lazy.
And I could do without the rejection to be honest.

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