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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fancy a Shag, Love?

I have a new friend in this world who may read this post and be a little freaked out.
Rest assured new friend all is well.
I was thinking about that very strange feeling you get when you meet someone who fancies you a bit, that unpleasant feeling in your gut like you need to shit out some eels (this is not a common experience for me so get stuffed).
That weird feeling that says "Oh how nice, I might get to touch someones nude bits soon, perhaps I should go home for a wank".
All very peculiar.
I don't have a good history of associating this kind of feeling with anything positive, so I am always rather wary of it.
I refuse however, to whinge online about being lonely and pathetic and single.
Fuck that.
Instead I'll get drunk and abuse passersby.Posted by Hello

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